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Cadiz, KY
9. Cadiz Courthouse (Trigg County)
Limestone Fountain, 1913
cadiz3.jpg (9493 bytes) One of four Civil War fountains in Kentucky, this limestone monument features a simple cube with dual basins that originally functioned as a fountain. The cube is set within a space created by four Doric columns. Arches between the columns support a cap containing five limestone balls, one above each column and one in the center. The monument was erected in 1913 by the Alex Poston Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

Cadiz was mainly a pro-Southern town during the Civil War. The only significant war event that took place there occurred on December 13, 1864. African American Union soldiers were encamped in the courthouse when Confederate General Hylan B. Lyon’s troops forced them out. One African American soldier suffering from smallpox was left behind, and he was shot. The courthouse was then burned by the Confederates.


Make a chart to draw and label the various shapes found on this monument. Create a diagram of the monument identifying the location of each of the charted shapes.

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