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Mt. Sterling, KY
69. Confederate Monument
Machpelan Cemetery, Mt. Sterling (Montgomery County)
White marble marker on limestone base, 1880

Inscription (east): 3 verses of Bivouvac of the Dead

This uniquely shaped monument was erected in 1880 and is one of at least seven Kentucky monuments to include excerpts from the famous poem, The Bivouac of the Dead, by Kentuckian Theodore O'Hara (see the entry for the Confederate Monument at Perryville State Historic Site, #47, for more information on the poem).

The marble is carved in sections, the uppermost being a ball capped by a star. This is placed atop a four-sided section that gives the appearance of a shrine or sacristy. The central section also has a traditional sacred feel, utilizing a Gothic trefoil arch motif.


Define shrine, sacristy, and trefoil arch. Using architecture books, compare the design elements of this monument with details in traditional church architecture.

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