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Danville, KY
45. Confederate Monument
McDowell Park at Main & College Streets, Danville (Boyle County)
Marble figure on granite pedestal, 1910
Front Inscription: C. S. A. 1861 - 1865 What They Were the Whole World Knows.
Rear Inscription: Erected by the UDC and Veterans of Boyle County to the Confederate Dead.

The Kate Morrison Breckinridge Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Confederate veterans of Boyle County dedicated this monument in 1910. The granite base stands at about 12-feet-high and is adorned with elegant pairs of Doric columns on all sides. The marble, life-sized figure atop the pedestal is a portrait of Capt. Robert D. Logan, a Confederate soldier from Lincoln County who rode with John Hunt Morgan's raiders. He was captured in 1863 and spent much of the rest of the war in Union prison camps.

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How many other Civil War monuments in Kentucky honor a specific individual by featuring their portrait?

The columns that decorate this base are of the "Doric order." What does this mean? Search the Internet or the library to find diagrams of the classical column orders. What are the other important orders?

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