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Fulton, KY
1. Fairview Cemetery, Fulton (Fulton County)
Zinc figure on limestone arch, 1902
Inscriptions on arch: Confederate Memorial (on keystone), 1861 1865 (on face), Erected by UDC 1902 Col. Ed Crossland Chapter No. 347 - Mrs. Virginia A. F. Lollius President; Mrs. Sallie M. Cooke 1st Vice Pres.; Mrs. Anna M. Murphy 2nd Vice Pres.; Mrs. Fannie L. W. Shackler Cor. Sec.; Mrs. Maybell T. Ewen Rec’d Sec.; Mrs. Phila P. Browder Treasurer; Miss Genevieve Cooke Historian. Erected by UDC 1902 (interior of arch).
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The arched base, constructed from rough-hewn limestone, is unique among Kentucky memorials. The zinc statue it supports is typical of stock soldier figures: wearing a uniform with slouch hat and holding a rifle down in front. The soldier also wears a bedroll and canteen.


What is zinc? What other Civil War statues from this time were cast from this material?

What is limestone? Where is it found in Kentucky? Why is there so much limestone in Kentucky?

Research the uniforms and accessories of Civil War soldiers. Create labeled illustrations for both Union and Confederate soldiers, as well as a dictionary of terms (include kepi cap, bedroll canteen, nap sack, slouch hat). How were Union and Confederate uniforms and gear similar/different? Create paper dolls for both Confederate and Union soldiers.

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