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Horse Cave, KY
26. Unknown Confederate Soldier MonumentOld Dixie Highway, Horse Cave (Hart County) Obelisk constructed of geodes with red marble plaque, 1934

Inscription: Unknown Soldier C. S. A. Was a member of Gen. Clay Anderson division 11th Louisiana Killed Sept. 9, 1862. Erected 1934 by Sam Lively.

horsecave.JPG (10485 bytes) The Unknown Soldier monument in Hart County is unique for a variety of reasons. It was created by an individual, Sam Lively, using locally found materials. Although it roughly takes the form of an obelisk, the monument is surfaced with Tennessee geodes, rounded rocks that form with crystal or mineral growth around a hollow space at the center. The monument was erected on private land, in 1934, after most Civil War monument activity had ceased in the state. But perhaps the most unusual aspect of the monument is that it honors a single Confederate soldier, who is unknown and who represented a unit from another state.

The soldier it honors was killed in the days leading up to the Battle of Munfordville, also in Hart County.


In science class, research geodes. How do they form? Do you think they are heavy or light in weight? Why? Observe and classify geode samples in class.

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