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Midway, KY
54. Martyrs Monument
Midway City Cemetery (Woodford County)
Granite obelisk, circa 1890

Inscription: Rest soldiers rest the warfare Oe'r - M. Jackson, J. Jackson, C. Rigsner, N. Adams shot by order of Genl. Burbridge - Our Confederate Dead.

This 15-foot monument, erected circa 1890, is one of four in the state dedicated to Confederates executed under orders of General Stephen Burbridge, during the months his Order No. 59 was in place. The four men named on the obelisk were executed near Midway, in retaliation for a murder by famed Confederate guerrilla Marcellus Jerome Clarke, otherwise known as "Sue Mundy." Clarke, formerly one of John Hunt Morgan's Raiders, had formed a guerrilla band of his own that terrorized Kentucky with acts of arson, robbery, and murder. He was perhaps the most notorious of the guerrillas toward the end of the War, but his actions have likely been exaggerated to some extent. The reigns of terror caused by these guerrillas and others had led to Burbridge's extreme order to shoot four guerrilla prisoners for every Union man lost.

The four men in Woodford County were among more than fifty victims of Order No. 59.


Why did General Burbridge's Order No. 59 and other strong actions anger so many Kentuckians? How could extreme actions taken by military leaders contribute to lasting emotions long after the war?

Research Marcellus Jerome Clarke. Why was he called "Sue Mundy?" Why do you think the guerrilla activities of Clarke and others were considered heroic to many Kentuckians? (Consider that much of the guerrilla activity occurred after the last major battle in Kentucky, at Perryville in October 1862. After this time, the Union army was able to keep major Confederate forces out of the state.) What happened to Marcellus Jerome Clarke?

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