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Princeton, KY
11. Confederate Soldier Monument Caldwell County Courthouse, Princeton
Granite figure on pedestal, 1912

Inscription: C. S. A. In Memory of Confederate Soldiers and the Cause for Which They Fought 1861 - 1865 Erected by Tom Johnson Chapter U. D. C. Our Heroes Deeds and Hard Won Fame Will Live 1912.

Rather than an image reflecting loss and mourning, this statue conveys a strong sense of pride and defiance. The soldier stands, hat in hand, arms folded and gaze firmly fixed. The figure's broad mustache adds to his sense of strength and resolve.

The fifteen-foot-tall monument is of gray granite, accented by contrasting bases of white granite. It was erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in November 1912, the organization responsible for the largest number of monuments in Kentucky: at least 15.

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Caldwell County was raided and occupied by both sides during the War. Confederate forces camped on the grounds of Princeton College, and the Union army used the courthouse for military purposes, leading Confederates under General Hylan B. Lyon to burn the building in 1864.

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Consider the various poses and emotions expressed by figures in these Civil War monuments. As a movement exercise, have students recreate the poses of various monument statues and have other students interpret the emotions, feelings, and messages of the monuments.

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