London, KY
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1000-Mile Front

On October 21, 1861, Confederate General Felix K. Zollicoffer advanced along the Wilderness road in eastern Kentucky after leaving Knoxville, Tennessee.  His troops met with General Albin Schoepf's forces, who were well-entrenched as they blocked the route to the Bluegrass.  The battle to protect the route became known as the Battle of Wildcat Mountain.  The Union forces were successful--the Confederate troops were forced to turn back.

A walking tour for the Battle of Wildcat Mountain is available from the National Forest Service (606) 878-6900 or the London Tourism Commission (800) 348-0095.

Troops on Wilderness Road
Wildcat Sniper


    • The Wilderness Road (US 25, London)
    • Defeated Camp--McNitt's Defeat (US 25, 2 mi. south of London)
    • Camp Wildcat (US 25, 9 mi. northwest of London)
    • Battle of London (Courthouse lawn, US 25, London)
    • CSA Returns to Tennessee (KY 229, 4 mi. south of London)
London Map

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