Lexington, KY
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Morgan House Gardens
Morgan House:One of the most interesting old homes in Lexington is the Hunt-Morgan House located on the corner of North Mill Street and Old South. The house is preserved by The Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Lexington and Fayette County as a memorial to General John Hunt Morgan, "Thunderbolt of the Confederacy". Known for his innovative military strategy, Morgan led his men, Morgan's Raiders, farther into the north than any other Confederate unit.  Built around 1814 by John Wesley Hunt, this two story brick house was almost torn down during World War II in order to make a parking structure for what used to be a library across the street. This is when the Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Lexington and Fayette County purchased this historical home.
Hunt-Morgan House

Lexington Cemetery: Incorporated in 1849, Lexington Cemetery was laid out as a natural landscape park. Both Confederate and Union soldiers are buried in this cemetery as well as General John Hunt Morgan. Other noted men, including Henry Clay, James Lane Allen, and John C. Breckinridge, and the Mary Todd Lincoln family are also interred here.

Transylvania University

Transylvania University, one of the oldest colleges in Kentucky, is the alma mater of Jefferson Davis. It was occupied by Federal troops for use as a hospital during the war . The university has been linked with many other famous names in American history since its inception. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Aaron Burr were early supporters of the fledgling institution, and Henry Clay was both a law professor and a member of Transylvania's board of trustees. The University also takes pride in a distinguished roster of alumni who have helped shape American history, including Stephen Austin, Cassius M. clay, two United States Vice-Presidents, 50 United States senators, and 36 governors.

Mary Todd Lincoln House, built in 1806, is also located in Lexington. Mary Todd lived here while attending John Ward's school nearby, but then later she lived (during weekdays) at Charlotte Mentelle's boarding school across from Henry Clay's estate, Ashland.
Mary Todd Lincoln House

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Civil War Historical Monuments in Lexington:

  • Morgan House (State Marker 3, 2nd & Mill Sts., Lexington, Fayette Co
  • Jefferson Davis (State Marker 4, Limestone & High Sts., Lexington, Fayette Co.)
  • John Hunt Morgan (1825-1864) (State Marker 1809, Fayette Co. Courthouse, Lexington, Fayette Co.)
  • Lexington Cemetery (State Marker 1550, West Main St., Lexington, US 421, Fayette Co.)
  • Todd House (State Marker 11, 573 W. Main St., Lexington, Fayette Co.)
  • Mary Todd Lincoln (State Marker 12, 501 Short St., Lexington, Fayette Co.)
  • Colonel George Nicholas (State Marker 125, Episcopal Cemetery, E. 3rd, Lexington, Fayette Co.)
  • Fort Clay (State Marker 9, West end of viaduct, Lexington, US 60, Fayette Co.)
  • Thomas Hunt Morgan (State Marker 1714, 210 N. Broadway, Lexington, Fayette Co.)

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