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Munfordville was the site of an important railroad bridge across the Green river - a vital link in the Union supply line.  Because of this, Munfordville became a target for Confederate troops trying to destroy Federal lines of communication and supply.

Robert A. Smith Monument

There were three battles fought in the vicinity of Munfordville. The first was the Battle of Rowlett's Station, which occured Dec. 17, 1861 south of the Green River between Woodsonville and Rowlett.  The second, the Battle and Siege of Munfordville took place between September 14th and 17th, 1862 and is considered the second largest engagement in the state.  The third, The Battle of Green River Crossing, took place on September 21, 1862.

A monument commemorating the death of Colonel Robert A. Smith, commander of the 10th Mississippi Regiment who was killed on Sept. 14, 1862, is located near Munfordville.  The limestone obelisk  was erected in 1884.

The Hart County Museum has several displays relating to the Battle of Munfordville, and a walking tour brochure is available at the Hart County Historical Society on Main Street (270) 524-0101.

Other important historic facts regarding Munfordville:

    • Several antebellum buildings around town may be viewed on the walking tour mentioned above. Among them are the Presbyterian Chuch used as a hospital following the September 1862 fighting, and the Old Village School, which was the nurses quarters. The Munford Inn, an 1810 log tavern which was General Bragg's headquarters, is also on the tour.
    • General John Hunt Morgan, of Morgan's Raiders fame, was sworn into the Confederate service on the steps of the Woodsonville Baptist church whose steps remain today.
    • The Bacon Creek Bridge at Bonnieville was destroyed three times during the war by Morgan's Raiders.
    • Union General Thomas J. Wood, whose home remains standing in Munfordville, was the boyhood friend and West Point classmate of Confederate General Simon B. Buckner also of Munfordville.


    • Battle of Munfordville (State Marker 119, 2 mi. S. of Munfordville, US 31-W)
    • Rowlett's Station (State Marker 656, 1,000 ft. N. of Rowletts on US 31-E)
    • Morgan Inducted - CSA (State Marker 1235, US 31-W & KY 88)
    • Battle of Rowlett's Station (State Marker 1504, 2 mi.S. of Munfordville, US 31-W)

Munfordville Map

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