Harrodsburg, KY
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1000-Mile Front

At the end of the Battle of Perryville, the Confederates had done very well. General Braxton Bragg, however, realized that only a portion of the Union Army had seen battle, so he began a midnight retreat to Harrodsburg, where he joined with General Kirby Smith but disregarded wishes of his officers to re-engage the now-outnumbered Union troops. General Don Carlos Buell on his part permitted the Confederates to withdraw unmolested, an action that resulted in his being replaced as Union Commander.

Civil War sites of interest in and near Harrodsburg:


    • Morgan Row -- 1807 (State Marker 185, Chiles St., Harrodsburg, US 68, 127, Mercer Co.)
    • Morgan's Men Here (State Marker 627, Entrance to Shakertown, US 68, Mercer Co.)
    • A General's Prayer (State Marker 539, Chiles, St., St. Philips Episcopal Church, Harrodsburg, Mercer Co.)
    • Civil War Armorer (State Marker 1335, Moreland
Harrodsburg Map

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