Henderson, KY

Several small isolated "incidents" between Union and Confederate sympathizers in the community of Henderson are documented.  Most noted, though, was the Raid on Newburgh on July 18, 1862.     The raid was organized by General Adam Rankin Johnson, a resident of Henderson who is renowned for many bold acts of military strategy.  Johnson's soldiers crossed the Ohio River to Newburgh, Indiana, surprising the soldiers at the arsenal there.  Johnson told the soldiers that cannon guns were aim directly at them and that they should hand over all guns and ammunition.  They did, never suspecting that the "cannon gun" was a mere stove pipe lying upon a couple of wagon wheels.   The arms were loaded up and transported back to Kentucky.

Cobb's Key Battery, a re-enactment group of about 30, has begun an annual encampment in Sunset Park on the riverfront.  The group demonstrates life in the 1860s, along with infantry drilling and a memorial service to Gen. Johnson.

A Civil War walking/driving tour is available from the Henderson Tourist Commission (270)826-0234.  Among the sites on the tour is Soaper Farm, where Gen. Johnson's soldiers camped before "invading" Newburgh.  The Downtown Henderson Project also has a downtown historic walking tour.


    • A Civil War Action ( State Marker 527, courthouse lawn, Old US 41 & KY54, Henderson)
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For additional information:

    • "Henderson County, Kentucky Walking and/or Driving Tour" brochure, Henderson Tourist Commission (270)826-0234
    • Tug of War: The Civil War 1860-1865 in Henderson County, Kentucky, Mendy Dorris (order from Linda Hallmark, 16907 HWY 136E, Robards, KY 42452 ($20 plus $2 handling)
    • The History of Henderson County, Edmund Starling
    • Contact Max Soaper (270) 827-8143

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