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Confederate forces were very active in the Green River area in the fall of 1861. This location was important for protection of the capital at Bowling Green and maintaining control of the Green River, a long time source of food for the South.

Ten thousand Union soldiers were stationed in Calhoun protecting the Lock and Dam and maintaining the security of the Union's Ohio River supply line. Control of the Green River was crucial to both Union and Confederate goals during the maneuvering for position in 1861. This made McLean County a focal point for both sides.

Re-enactors at Sacramento On December 27,1861, Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest assembled his forces in Greenville to scout Union positions in the surrounding area. At the same time, Union Major Eli Murray led a scouting party out of Calhoun to reconnoiter the area around Sacramento. Forrest surprised the Union troups on December 28 and led his forces to a victory in what came to be known as the Battle of Sacramento. Today people may visit the historic battlefield where Forrest first used his famous flanking tactic and sent dismounted men to attack enemy flanks and break up their forces.


There are ten sites located on this historic driving tour which allows the visitor to retrace the source of the battle and learn about the people who were involved in it.

A free brochure is available at the Sacramento City Hall, 218 W. 3rd St., Sacramento. For more information contact the city clerk at (270) 736-5144


A reenactment of the Battle of Sacramento is held on the 3rd weekend in May. The event includes living history demonstrations, food and crafts. For more information call the McLean County Visitor's Center (270) 273-9760

Re-enactors at Sacramento


    • Surprise Attack Here (State Marker 523, Sacramento, KY 81,85)
    • Forrest Reconnoitered (State Marker 665, Calhoun, KY 81)
    • Union Camp Site (State Marker 830, KY 250, 2,2 mi. West of US 431)

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