Covington, KY
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Covington can be entered from Ohio over the historic Roebling Suspension Bridge, which was under construction during the Civil War.  Its progress was slowed by Union interference early in the War, but then resumed as the Union military leaders realized the importance of the bridge for moving troops south.  A military pontoon bridge just east of the Roebling Bridge served as the only bridge during the War, however, for the Roebling Bridge was not completed until the end of 1866.

In the summer of 1862, following the Confederate invasion of Kentucky, Covington was fortified by Union troops with 20 fortifications and batteries. Remains of batteries that can be found in and around Covington are Bates, Holt, Larz Anderson, McLean, and Shaler.  The nearby towns of Fort Mitchell and Fort Wright are named for the forts that were built there.

The Behringer-Crawford Museum at 1600 Montague Road and located in 700-acre Devou Park offers a fine display of Civil War artifacts and Battery Bates, also located in the park, has interpretive signage.   Admission is $3 and the museum is closed on Mondays.  A re-enactment takes place each year in June.

Covington's Riverside Drive-Licking River Historic Area is near
the Landing between Eighth and Riverside. This charming riverside neighborhood, with homes dating from the Civil War, is a great spot for a walking tour. The Mimosa Mansion Museum, 412 E Second, is the area's largest single-family home.

Another museum nearby in Fort Wright Kentucky is the James A. Ramage Civil War Museum
1403 Highland Avenue, Fort Wright, Kentucky 41011. (859) 344-1145 or visit their website.


  • A Confederate Thrust (State Marker 519, Ft. Mitchell Country Club, off US 25 & 42, Kenton Co.)
  • Fort Mitchell (Dixie Highway, Fr. Mitchell, Kenton Co.)
  • Roebling Suspension Bridge (State Marker 1601, at end of bridge, KY 17, Covington)
  • Confederate Financier( State Marker 1638, Dixie Highway at Beechwood Rd., Fort Mitchell, US 25 & 42, Kenton Co.)

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