37 - A Rest at Otter Creek | Directions
After finally subduing the 25 Federal soldiers in Bardstown, Morgan pushed west towards the Ohio River. The long march from Bardstown in the stifling July heat was exhausting. Even though the main body of Union soldiers, infantry under General Edward H. Hobson, were only 50 miles away, Morgan allowed his men to camp at Garnettsville on July 7, 1863, before pushing on to Brandenburg. At Garnettsville, the Confederates bathed and washed their clothes in the cool waters of Otter Creek.

Doe Run Mill - Garnettsville was founded in 1792 by James Garnett and was a thriving village with a three-story water mill. It is likely that Morgan's men obtained rations from the mill before they left town. The mill at Garnettsville was probably very similar to this one which was at Doe Run.
Morgan's confidence in himself, his men and lady luck never wavered. Allowing his men to rest at Otter Creek demonstrated his belief that he was in no real danger from the pursuing Federal troops.

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