The Christmas Raid, 1862-1863
On December 23, with nearly 4,000 men, Morgan crossed into Kentucky near Tompkinsville. Follow the Raiders to Glasgow where on Christmas Eve they captured the town routing a small Union force (A) before the first real resistance took place Christmas Day at Bear Wallow near Cave City. (B)

Visit the site where Morgan's men burned the L&N railroad bridge across Bacon Creek at Bonnieville. (C)

At Elizabethtown, learn how 600 Union soldiers forced Morgan to fight for the city, street by street and building by building, for several hours before Morgan's numbers and artillery took their toll on the brave men. (D,E,F)

The next day, December 28, Morgan's men captured 600 Federals guarding two trestles on Muldraugh Hill. Morgan then burned the trestles (G) to ashes creating a huge break in Union General William S. Rosecrans' rail supply line. The following day, Federal pursuit caught up with Morgan at the Rolling Fork River near Boston forcing Morgan to fight his way across. (H)
Visit the communities of Bardstown (I), New Haven (J), Springfield (K) Campbellsville (L,M,N) and Tebbs Bend (O) where the stockade and Green River Bridge were burned causing major interruption to the supply line. Learn what happened in those places where Morgan's men passed through on their way home to Tennessee.
(Red letters indicate locations of interpretive signs pertaining to the First Kentucky Raid, Christmas Raid and the Great Raid.)

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