First Kentucky Raid - 1862
John Hunt Morgan and his Raiders came into Kentucky on numerous occasions; three of the most significant were First Kentucky Raid, The Christmas Raid and the Great Raid of 1863 . . .

On July 8, under the cover of darkness, Morgan slipped out of Celina, Tennessee, beginning the First Kentucky Raid. See where in the early morning hours of July 9, 1862, Morgan's men crossed the Cumberland River and surprised the Union Garrison in Tompkinsville. (A,B) Learn how, within two hours, the Confederates had fought and captured the Union soldiers.

After the battle, Morgan's Raiders marched northward through Kentucky stopping in Lebanon (C), and Springfield. (D) From Springfield, Morgan and his men marched north into the Bluegrass and back south crossing the Cumberland into the safety of Tennessee.

Months later, Morgan again returned to Tompkinsville, but this time, he and his Raiders only camped until they began their next Kentucky raid, The Christmas Raid, 1862-63.
(Red letters indicate locations of interpretive signs pertaining to the First Kentucky Raid, Christmas Raid and the Great Raid.)

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