The Great Raid, Summer 1863
On July 2, 1863, with some 2,500 men, Morgan’s regiments crossed the Cumberland River into Kentucky at Burkesville and Neeley’s ferries. (A,B) Learn about Marrowbone's Federal camp (C) and the skirmishes at Norris Branch (D) and Columbia. (E) Visit the grave of Morgan pursuer Wolford. (F)

Make a stop at the site of a supply depot at Camp Billy Williams near Neatsville. (G) Continue the raid where the men camped at Cane Valley (H) before the Rebel disaster at Tebbs Bend where Morgan’s men took 71 casualties. (I - ten markers) See where troops foraged at the Hiestand House in Campbellsville. (J)

Take a side trip to Greensburg to learn about General Edward H. Hobson who pursued Morgan. (K,L) Visit the site in Lebanon where Morgan’s teenage brother, Tom, was shot in the heart and died in his brother Calvin’s arms.(M) In retaliation, much of the city was burned. (N,O)

Learn what happened in Springfield. (P) Find out how 25 Union soldiers in Bardstown (Q) delayed Morgan for 24 hours and the action that took place at both Bardstown Junction and Lebanon Junction. (R,S,T)

See where two steamboats ferried over 2,200 men and their horses across the river at Brandenburg for 16 hours while a detachment of Harrison Co. Indiana Home Guards fired at the Raiders with an ancient cannon. (U,V,W,X)
(Red letters indicate locations of interpretive signs pertaining to the First Kentucky Raid, Christmas Raid and the Great Raid.)

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