Strategic Plan for Adventure Tourism
in Knott County

Encourage bicyclists to come to Knott County.

The TransAmerica Bicycle Route across the United States established in 1976 travels eastward out of Owsley County along Highway 28 across Breathitt County then turning south towards Buckhorn through Perry County following Highway 15 then east on Highway 80 into Knott County. 

The route is clearly marked on all state maps and takes one through Booneville, past Morris Fork Crafts, then through Buckhorn and Chavies, past the Artisan Center in Hindman and Alice Lloyd College, taking the rider eventually through Elkhorn City and into Virginia.   
The TransAmerica Trail was established for Adventure Cycling's celebration of the U.S. bicentennial in 1976. At that time, the organization was called Bikecentennial, a name many old-timers still associate with the TransAm Trail. This is still the greatest and most used route crossing America.
The TransAmerica Bike Route across the United States is divided into twelve section.   Hindman is part of section 11 that travels 381 miles from Berea KY to Christiansburg VA.    

ACTION TO TAKE:    Knott County needs to capitalize on the fact that the TransAmerica Bicycle Route* goes through their county by providing markers along the existing route, and developing brochures highlighting worthwhile stops along the way such as the Artisan Center and Alice Lloyd College, two locations many bicyclists are already stopping at each week. 

  • Bike clubs should be notified and additional routes developed on roads within the county that either have limited traffic and fairly smooth surfaces or have wide shoulders in which a bicyclist may travel safely.   One such route is along Hwy 80 from the Sportsplex, turning at Hwy 160 with a stop at Yoders then south into the City of Hindman with a stop at the Artisan Center for a bite to eat at the Artisan Café.   One could then travel along 550 to Leburn and take Hwy 1098 back to Hwy 80 and head back to the Sportsplex. (See following page for maps and  details  to submit to State when requesting signage) 


*A map and additional information on the TransAmerica Bicycle Route is provided at the end of this section.


A very worthwhile bike trip would be to start at the Knott County Sportsplex, go 6 miles west on Hwy 80 (6’ to 8 foot shoulders on both sides of the road make an excellent bike route).

Continue west to mile marker 8 then turn left onto Hwy 160. Be sure to stop at the Tourism Commission Kiosk and Yoder’s Bulk Food Store where one will find delicious homemade bread, other bakery items, and more.  

Continue South on 160 then right onto Hwy 550 finds one in downtown Hindman.  The Artisan Center is a must stop and has an excellent café.  Just down the street a block, one can see artisans at work.

Leaving the Artisan Center, head east on 550, turning left at Leburn onto Hwy 1087/1098, a very scenic road offering little if any shoulder but a very scenic road with very light traffic.

At this point, turn right and head east on Hwy 80 back to the Knott County Sportsplex. The entire trip is approximately 18 miles.

ACTION TO TAKE:    Submit a proposal to the Kentucky Department of Transportation Multi-modal Program  to include this route and  request street signs and, where feasible, painted signage on the road (as shown above).

Two groups to notify about bicycling routes through Knott County include:

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