Strategic Plan for Adventure Tourism
in Knott County

Below are four concept ideas for stables.

The example to the left is a very simple, low maintenance and cost efficient design is recommended in areas where shade is available. 

The proposed site at Knob Hollow has limited shade therefore this type of stable is not recommended.   It would however work very well at both Pioneer Village and the proposed horse camp near Littcarr Recreational area. 

The stable to the right is also very low maintenance but provides the necessary shade which would be needed at the proposed Knob Hollow RV Park near the Knott County ATV Training Center which has limited trees on site.

This facility is located at Rudy’s near Cave Run.  People are charged less rental fees if they muck out their own stalls after using. 

This stable is fairly simple in design but would require some maintenance.   It is constructed with four stalls in the front and four in the back. 
This is a much more elaborate stable with over 40 stalls.   This kind of stall would only be recommended if full time staff was available to oversee and maintain the facility. 

Note:  This design might be considered for Knob Bottom RV and Campground where full-time staff will be employed.

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