Strategic Plan for Adventure Tourism
in Knott County

APPENDIX IV:   Trailhead for ATV Fire Trail #2

               It is recommended that a trailhead be created on donated property in the eastern portion of the county on Piney Spur.   Below are specifications one might use as a guideline and justification.

As part of the countywide Adventure Tourism Trail System initiative underway in Knott County, 45 miles of trails have been GPS mapped on the south side of 582 in the eastern quadrant of the county connecting with trails in Letcher County with the potential of an additional 90 miles or more of trails on the north side of 582 leading into Floyd County.  The trails in this area are primarily located on existing old coal and timber roads, many of which are now used as gas roads. 

This particular trail system, to be known as ATV Fire Trail #2, can be accessed from Hwy 582 between the community of Pinetop and the intersection of Hwy 7.  Rudolph Honeycutt owns the property immediately adjacent to Hwy 582 and has agreed to allow an ATV trailhead to be developed at this location where those wanting to access the trails may park and ride.   He has also provided permission for a publicly accessible trail to be developed following the existing road system commonly referred to as the Fire Trail since 1964.   

A second trailhead, primarily accessible by ATVs, horseback or by hiking into the area will be developed at Piney Spur, a strategic location very close to the Letcher County line and just a few miles from the Floyd County line.  A trailhead at this location could serve all three counties and help to increase the ATV trail use in a portion of the county which has an interest in expanding their trails for greater public use.  To this end, the family of Dennis Mullins has deeded to the Knott County Fiscal Court approximately ½ acre to serve as a base camp and meeting area for those using the Fire Trail and other trails as they are developed. 

Recommendation:  Establish both a trailhead and base camp along the Fire Trail #2.

Initially the Fire Trail #2 Trailhead off Hwy 582 will provide access to over 100 miles of ATV and dirt bike trails through the counties of Knott, Floyd and Letcher.   The Piney Spur site will serve as a campground for these off-road motorized vehicle users as well as for horseback riders, backpackers, hikers, and mountain bikers as these trails are created over the next few years. There is also room for more than 500 primitive campsites for large organized trail rides. 

On this site, it is also recommended that a building be constructed primarily of concrete or concrete block with a metal roof and concrete foundation for ease in care and maintenance. The Trailhead facility will include a shower house and restroom facility with concrete floor, septic system, potable water and electricity. 

The cost of the Trailhead Facility for Fire Trail #2 which includes site preparation, construction of a shower house and restroom facility with covered shelter, water, electricity and septic tank is estimated at $120,000.   An additional $40,000 will be used site preparation for trail development of 60 miles of trails, mapping and trail signage which will include designated parking and camping area plus $20,000 for liability insurance for both trails and trailhead.  


Fire Trail #2 – Trail Development/ Maintenance and Trailhead

 20’ x 30’ structure with metal roof and concrete foundation ..........................$45,000
(Two toilets, two showers and a covered shelter)

Electricity which includes safety lighting in camping area .............................. $15,000

Water to site which includes outside spigot for camper use .......................... $20,000

Septic System ............................................................................................... $20,000
Site preparation (includes grass parking area and primitive camping)          $20,000



Overhead fans and lighting both inside and outside could be partially operated by solar power.   The back portion would be extended to include both a shower house and restroom facility.  (See concept idea for floorplan below) 

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