Click here for information about the Camp Calhoun Union Cemetery dedication.

Click here for photos from the May 2008 Union Cemetery Dedication and photos from the 2008 Battle of Sacramento.

There are numerous cemeteries in McLean County, click here for more information.

McLean County offers two Civil War Driving Tours and are part of the National Civil War Discovery Trail, Kentucky's Civil War Heritage Trail and tier #3 an associated site on the Vickburg Campaign Trail.
The McLean County Civil War Sites Driving Tour.
Takes you to six of these cemeteries plus to the site of Camp Calhoun, the hometown of Sue Mundy, and the site of the Battle of Panther Creek.

The Battle of Sacramento Driving Tour.
Includes stops at the Station Baptist Church, the site of Nathan Bedford Forrest's saber battle, Molly Morehead's gravesite, the battlefield in Sacramento and the headquarters of Thomas L. Crittenden.

Civil War:
- Civil War Cemeteries. Almost half of the 142 cemeteries in McLean County have honored Veterans buried in them. All from the Civil War are listed and mapped, click here for information on each of the soldiers.
- Battle of Sacramento
- Roll of Honor Listing from Camp Calhoun (pdf format)

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