McLean County has numerous notable bridges throughout the county, including four that cross the Green River. The most notable bridges:
The Livermore Bridge.
Has made it into Ripley's Believe It or Not for being the "only bridge in the world that starts in one county, crosses two rivers and a different county, then ends up back in the county in which it started".
Historic Overlook.
The confluence of the Green and Rough Rivers atop the former 1872 railroad bridge abutment at the Livermore Riverfront Park.
Wooden Bridge Park.
This bridge in Island actually features the original wooden bridge built in 1872. Nearby is the Island Station, a dance hall open two evenings a week.
The Veteran's Memorial Bridge in Calhoun & a bridge in Beech Grove.
Both bridges were named in honor of the first American to be killed in WWI. James Bethel Gresham was born in McLean County and there is a memorial near Beech Grove honoring this brave soldier.
Another view of the Veteran's Memorial Bridge that crosses the Green River at Calhoun and Rumsey.

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