Coffman Schoolhouse

Stringer Schoolhouse

Branch Schoolhouse

Brierfield Schoolhouse

Adams Schoolhouse

Pack Schoolhouse

West Schoolhouse

Leachman School

Harris School

Brooks School


Across the street from the Methodist Church is one of the first school buildings known as the Calhoon College.  It was built about 1867 and used for the College on the lower floor.  The upper floor with an outside entrance was used for a Lodge Hall by the Masons.   The building is currently owned by Mrs. Mary S. Woodburn. 

Across from the Calhoun Christian Church is the Nellie Gates property.  This home was built before 1871.  When the house was built, a small one room building was built at the back for an old slave lady named Aunt Mary Wright.  This little building was later used as a school (Ref. letters of Mrs. Jennie Leachman)

The Old School Building where the first high school had its first graduation in 1914, was located where the Farm Bureau Building is stands.  Miss Eunice Whayne and Miss Sophia Howden were the first graduates.  They later became Mrs. Eunice Muster and Mrs. Lucian Haynes. 

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