McLean County Public Library Meeting Minutes
Dec. 6, 2010 - The Board of Directors of the Livermore Community Library were called to order by Chairperson Dianna Hoover, with 9 members present. November minutes were read and accepted. Treasurer's report was given by Mrs. Margaret Scott, and accepted.

Old business:
Line item update/ library grant by Judge Whitaker.
Newsbank will be purchased; ADA compliant furniture will be purchased, (tables and chairs.
Entrance door will be replaced, lettering will be stencilled on door;
New sign will replace the current one on side of library.
Security (fire, burglary and interior site monitoring will be activated.
Christmas Forest 2010_ We had ten trees on display.
Sonny and Ann helped with getting the library ready for the Gala.
Doris Turner and Emma King cleaned the library from top to bottom.
Blinds for Art Gallery
Prices for glinds were as follows: Cellular Blackout with external string-for Art Gallery -$1602.80-; Entire second floor - $2700.40; Roller Blackout - Art gallery - $1099.44; entire second floor - 2534.80;
Textured Roller (vinyl) Art gallery - 828.40; entire second floor - $1847.20;
After some discussion Mary motioned to purchase the Textured roller blinds. Further discussion ensued and Mary withdrew her motion; Sheila made motion to purchase the Roller blackout and add needed funds to the memorial funds to enable the purchase. Margaret seconded the motion.
motion carried.

Fax machine/scanner are now connected to telephone line and working.
Doris volunteered to work December 16, evening hours.

New Business:
Dustin Peach wants to volunteer. He is 18 years old; lives in Livermore; knows computers. Decision was made to not engage his services at this time. How do we handle maintenance requests. i.e. hot water heater not working light bulb burned out over door. (Dinah will turn this over to the city).

McLean County Friends of the Library organizational meeting - Proposed date - Jan 3, 2011.
Dianna thanked board members for serving. Dinah stated we need Dianna Hoover to be given authorization to turn the library over tothe county with stipulations if it ever ceases to be a library, it will return to city of Livermore.
Made into a motion. Mary seconded. We adjourned for refreshments furnished by Chairperson Dianna Hoover.

Good news for the McLean County Library:

Welcome to the Kentucky Virtual Library's blog.
Good news for mclean county and all of kentucky: every county will be served!

Posted: November 17th, 2010 | By: Enid
Our Commissioner of Libraries, Wayne Onkst, sent this around to friends of Kentucky libraries on 9 November and with his permission, I am re-posting here to the KYVL blog:

Nikole Wolfe has informed me that the McLean County Fiscal Court voted unanimously earlier today to enter into an agreement with KDLA to establish the McLean County Public Library. We expect to sign the agreement soon so the County Judge can appoint a board of trustees. Thanks so much to Nikole and Susan Dunman who have worked with library supporters and county officials for a long time to make this possible. The library that has been operated mainly by volunteers with some support by the city of Livermore for about 60 years will be transferred to the new library board and will become the county’s library. The library will be funded primarily with a federal grant obtained by Congressman Whitfield for the next 2 years after which long term funding must be obtained. So the vote today by the Fiscal Court is the beginning of what will certainly be a long process to make the library permanent.

Nevertheless, this is a major milestone for Kentucky and for our libraries. With the new libraries in Carter County and McLean County, for the first time public library service will be available in every county. Free public library service for every resident of Kentucky has been a dream of many for a long time. There are so many people who have worked so hard to establish and build the public library service we enjoy. Many receiving this message deserve a share of the credit and I’m sure we all know of others in our communities who have worked and sacrificed much for their libraries.

We have a lot of work to do to make certain this new service continues and to guarantee quality service across Kentucky, but I think today it is appropriate that we all celebrate the hard work that has been accomplished in each of our counties to make this day possible.

Wayne Onkst
State Librarian & Commissioner
Kentucky Dept. for Libraries and Archives
P. O. Box 537
Frankfort, Ky. 40602-0537
502-564-8300 x312

Livermore Community Library Board of Directors meeting was called to order October 4, 2010, with fourteen members present, by chairperson Dianna Hoover.

Minutes of September meeting were read and accepted.
Treasurer, Margaret Scott gave treasurer's report, with $1,385.54 balance.

Judge Whitaker reported receiving billing for $35.00 for trash bin used by the library. We advised Mr Whitaker it was not for the library site, and he will refer it to the proper party.

Old Business: Fax line/Internet and scanner still not in use.
Line items update was given by Judge Whitaker. He advised that the suggested purchases by the board were approved with the exception of computer, which was purchased locally. Doris Turner volunteered to work in the library for Thursday night, October 28 date.

The Island Wooden Bridge Festival was deemed a success, netting $143.00 on print.
Livermore Riverfest receipts were $139.00.

!. A computer use policy infringement was noted September 30, in which the user downloaded improper material on computer. The matter has been referred to County Attorney.
2. GFWC/KFWC District Summer Conference is to be hosted by Livermore, a request to hold the conference in the library was submitted. The workshop's purpose is training new officers . Dinah Hopper made the motion to grant permission for this to be hosted at the library. Eldon Eaton seconded. Motion Carried.
3. Ghost Trail - Idea introduced by Margaret Scott, for future fundraisers--provides entertainment for twelve y/o and up.
4. Christmas Tree forest will again be held in the Art Gallery, this year we discussed charging admission. Open for viewing Dec. 1. Dianna will mail letters to potential participants.
5. Joyce Riley made the library the recipient in memorials for her son Jeff Troutman with suggested use in the Art Gallery. We discussed the possibility of using the
funds to purchase window treatments, with a plaque placed in the room.

Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary.

The Livermore Community Library Board met September 7, 2010

The Livermore Community Library Board met September 7, with 13 members present. Minutes were read and corrected, then accepted. Correction--"Dianna requested permission to allow the West Central Kentucky Family Research Assn to move into our facilities."

The treasurer's report was read and accepted, balance $389.18. The treasurer reported our finances will not cover our expenses. Discussion followed, re how to raise money for operating expenses. George Rhodes made a motion to transfer $1,000.00 from "Friends' Account" into the regular treasury. Jayne Johnson seconded. Motion carried.


Thank you note was read from Barbara Trimble for the memorial for her mother. Judge Whitaker stated applications are coming in for the 3 openings for library employees. We need a volunteer for September 23, the 6:30 - 8:30 hours. Doris Turner volunteered.

Livermore Riverfest was discussed. We decided to sell breakfast foods, ferry prints and notecards in our booth. Volunteers for food were taken. Thomas Freese sent an email and advised he is working on a new book. He asked if any Livermoreans had input on his stories. Judge Whitaker reported on the History and Genealogy Museum open house. There was a good number attending and it was very good. We discussed the problem re sex offenders’ use of the library and how to deal with them. Dianna discussed it with Atty. Quisenberry, who stated we should monitor them.


1. Island Wooden Bridge Festival --we will have a booth there and have ferry prints, note cards, and giveaway a Ferry print by entering people’s name in a drawing one time for each $1.00 they donate. Sign up sheet was passed around for workers.

2. Task chair quotes: Motion made by Jayne Johnson, seconded by Margaret Scott to purchase these from Office Depot at a cost of $79.99 each. Reason for purchasing the "more costly" chairs was due to high backs on the lower priced chairs from Walmart. The higher backs would prevent library workers from monitoring patrons during computer use. Motion carried.

3. Folding chair quotes: Motion made by Jayne Johnson seconded by Mary Underwood to purchase 50 folding chairs from Walmart at $17.00 each. Motion carried.

4. Chair cart quotes: Joyce Sutton motioned, Jayne Johnson seconded to purchase cart from Walmart at $317.99. It was noted this cart holds more chairs and required less floor storage space than other bids. Motion carried.

5. Computer quotes: Motion made by Sheila Heflin, seconded by Jayne Johnson to purchase from Pomeroy IT Solutions 5 Work Stations, items #1 thru #4 on Quotation No. 893613 for $4,718.10. Motion carried.

6. Children's Reading Area: Motion made by Joyce Sutton, seconded by Dinah Hopper to purchase The Big Cozy Books from The Library Store for $2,020.22. Motion carried.

7. Audio Video: Motion made by George Rhodes seconded by Mary Underwood to purchase Items #2, 3, 4, & 5 on Quotation No. 894483 which includes Smart Board #680W/UF55 projector, SMART audio system, installation and laptop for $6,994.45. Motion carried.

8. Printed materials: Discussion on these purchases revealed that due to pricing being $20,000.00 and above, bids must be publicized. Item tabled.

9. Library software: (circulation and online catalog).Motion made by Mary Underwood, seconded by Dinah Hopper to purchase Destiny Library Manager - Follet Hosted for $1,864.00. Motion carried.

The suggested purchases are recommendations of the Livermore Community Library Board of Directors and are subject to approval by Fiscal Court.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary.

List of Board members present:
Margaret Scott Dianna Hoover
Dinah Hopper Joyce Sutton
Barbara Trimble Eldon Eaton
Larry Whitaker Sheila Heflin
Barbara Rickard Doris Turner
Carol Rhodes George Rhodes

Livermore Community Library Board of Directors met June 7, 2010.

Dianna Hoover called the meeting to order, minutes were read and accepted; Margaret Scott distributed the Treasurer's report, which was accepted. Balance of $1,567.56 pn hand. Old business: Old monitors and keyboards still have not been removed; also the Fax and Scanner need new lines. An air leak around doors remain an energy problem. Grant update: Ex. Judge Whitaker, reported we are receiving $250,000.00 as federal grant, instead of recently reported $500,000.00.

A discussion showed favorable response to "Face Boss" author, Mike Guillerman's recent visit and book signing. Gifted and Talented students, guided by Edna Bates and Mike Heflin toured the library on May 20. Thanks to George Rhodes, for acting as their host. LG&E/KU are planning an audit on usage activity.

NEW BUSINESS: Livermore Woman's Club will co-host summer reading program, along with guest storyteller from Louisville. The July 5th meeting date was changed to July 12. We discussed having a booth at the Island Wooden Bridge Festival this fall. Dianna read thank you note from Ann Renfrow. She also reported that all 500 Rex Robinson prints have been signed. Meeting adjourned,

Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary.

Livermore Community Library Board of Directors' meeting, April 5, 2010.

The meeting was called to order on April 5,2010 by Dianna Hoover, chairperson. There were 9 members, 3 visitors present. Minutes were read and accepted. Margaret Scott presented corrected copies of treasurer's report showing February 28 balance of $1,933.58, March 31, 2010, balance of $1,940.87. Reports were accepted.

Old Business: Old monitors and keyboards are still in the building; Office Chairs and Window treatments are awaiting more funds; Margaret will contact Leona Austin for window tx prices when she can be reached. Faxline/internet/scanner status: Internet is being used; no fax line; or scanner. We must have another line run. Chamber of Commerce report: Doris Turner purchased the food and provided sausage patties, Carol Rhodes brought biscuits; they made and served coffee, and helped clean up. Dinah Hopper was the downstairs greeter.
Doors: Cracks continue to leak air; Dinah Hopper will report this to the proper City employee. Rex Robinson visit: need chairs set up; Sonny Renfrow volunteered to see they were brought over. Robinson has new prints of the Ferry on the Green for display.
Grant update: Judge Whitaker states approximately 18 months will be needed to get another part of the funds..

NEW BUSINESS: Report of doors found unlocked was reported, Eldon was called to secure the building, which he did. May meeting request : Sandra Mattingly, from RSVP asked for permission to attend and speak at May meeting. Mike Guillenman will present and sign his book "Face Boss". April 24,- White Auction has rented the library building to conduct an auction of a local farm. Volunteers were asked to act as hosts. Mary and Eldon volunteered. Livermore Woman's Club donated another book truck to the library. George Rhodes and Eldon Eaton picked up furniture donated by GRADD. They were: 3 tables, 1 end table, and 8 chairs. Grant application requirements include our Mission Statement. It reads; The Livermore Community Library provides access to materials and services for McLean County residents of all ages to pursue their reading and information needs. We plan to work on this at May meeting. Meeting adjourned.
Dianna Hoover, chairperson
Mary Underwood, secretary.

Livermore Community Library Board of Directors' Meeting, March 1, 2010

The Livermore Community Library Board of Directors meeting was called to order on March 1, 2010 by Chairperson Dianna Hoover. There were 7 members present. The minutes of Feb 1st meeting were read and approved as read. Margaret Scott presented the treasurer's report. The library has a balance on hand of $1935.16. Treasurer's report was approved as read.

OLD BUSINESS: Judge Larry Whitaker stated the old monitors and keyboards will be picked up. He also stated the office chairs and the window treatments would have towait until more funds were available. Margaret Scott will check with Mrs. Leona Austin and get a price quote.

Doris Turner reported on prices for the Chamber of Commerce breakfast. Casseroles, 3 sweets, a fruit tray, orange juice and coffee. The cost would be approximately $100.00. Doris Turner will place the order.

Dinah Hopper reported she had talked to the Mayor of Livermore about the doors leaking air. He was going to check on it. Dinah will report next month the mayor's findings. Margaret Scott reported that she had checked on the energy audit and had the Board help fill out the application.

NEW BUSINESS: Dianna Hoover asked for a volunteer to cover the evening hours for March 25th. No one volunteered. Dianna Hoover will cover.

Judge Whitaker reported on the USDA grant and said that at this time it would not be an option. Judge Whitaker reported the county had received $100,000.00 of the $250,000.00. He stated GRADD is in the process of filling out the IMLF application. He also stated he needs a budget for print materials. Dianna Hoover will contact the regional librarian for help with a budget. Judge also stated the $150,000.00 wil be for technology needs. Judge Whitaker also stressed the significance of having all board members present because what was being discussed and voted on was very important. Decisions that are being made need the input of all and not just a few members.

Margaret Scott asked if the Library Board wanted to place an ad in the McLean County Fair Catalog. The cost would be $55.00. Margaret Scott made the motion to place an ad. Doris Turner seconded. Motion passed with one opposing vote. Meeting adjourned.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
The secretary was absent due to travels.

Livermore Community Library Board of Directors met February 1, 2010 with 9 members present, Dianna Hoover presiding.

Minutes were read and accepted. Margaret Scott read the Treasurer's report with a balance of $2102.60. Report accepted.

OLD BUSINESS: No word on office chairs, window tx. Fax line/internet/phone lines installed, pending programming. Leadership McLean County toured the building, as planned with Dianna hosting their visit. They were favorably impressed with the facility. The library is on notice to receive $250,000.00 in Federal fund instead of the earlier amount we thought ($150,000.00. The bill has been signed by the president.

NEW BUSINESS: Dianna proposed closing the library on the following dates:
May 31, July 5, Sept 6, Nov. 11, 25, 26th,and Dec 24, and 31st.. Motion made by Mary Underwood to follow these closing dates. Seconded by Eldon Eaton. Motion carried. Livermore Woman's Club will host artist, Rex Robinson, April 13, at 6pm at our regular meeting date. Dianna requested permission of the Board to have meeting at the library. Dinah Hopper motioned to grant approval; seconded by Eldon Eaton. Motion carried. There will be light refreshments served. Feb 25, we need a volunteer to work the library evening hours. Doris Turner volunteered. We discussed holding a monthly book sale and publishing it in the McLean County News. The subject of hosting Chamber of Commerce Breakfast in the month of March was discussed. Doris Turner made a motion to invite them. Carol Rhodes seconded. Motion carried. Doris volunteered to check on the food and issue the invitation for March 25, 2010. Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

The Livermore Community Library Board of Directors met January 4, 2010 with five members present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and accepted. Treasurer's report given by Margaret Scott, balance $2,391.19.

OLD BUSINESS: Dianna reported on the Christmas Forest. We had eight sponsors-collected 3 bags of non-perishables for the Help Office and $26.00 in cash. The McLean County News photographer came and made photos and expressed and interest in sponsoring a tree next year. No action taken on removing monitors and keyboards, or obtaining office chairs. Also not on Fax line, phone and Internet line, or window Tx. ALA and NEH Bookshelf grant application submitted.

NEW BUSINESS: Jan Ables will work 18 hours per week until Feb1, due to a change in classes carried. Leadership McLean County will tour the library January 21st. Eldon raised a question of KU bill, it is believed to be excessive for the time and usage. Margaret Scott will contact KU regarding this question.
Meeting adjourned.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

December 7, 2009

The Livermore Community Library Board of directors met with 11 members present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and accepted. Treasurer's report was given with balance of $3161.12.

OLD BUSINESS: A second reading of computer policy was given with unanimous approval by the Board members. Christmas Forest now has 8 trees. Volunteers will sit with the forest to supervise guests. The water fountain is in.
We still have old monitors and keyboards here to be picked up. Steve Ross gave a bid for painting the remaining exterior for approximately $5,000.00. Exterior side door has been replaced and painted. We have not heard from order on office chairs. Night hours on Thursday have been deemed very successful. Fax lines, Internet, phone lines--Margaret Scott continues to attempt to reach a resolution of a combined services fee. David Scott volunteered to assist with this matter. The front porth post is replaced. We have heard no word on window treatments. Little Golden Books, and old records, microfilm reader not posted to EBay yet/ ALA and NEH Bookshelf grant is not yet applied for. Nikile states KYVL membership denied until this library is county funded.
We have no access to Interlibrary Loan materials, which is part of the
Virtual Library.

NEW BUSINESS: Refreshments served by Dianna; The LCL Board presented Dianna with a cake "In appreciation" for all her dedication and hard work for the library and our community, along with a Love Gift and card. Board members stayed after the meeting and decorated the tree. Meeting adjouned at 8:08 pm

Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

November 2, 2009

The Livermore Community Library met with 7 members, 1 visitor present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and accepted.

Margaret a corrected treasurer's report for August and September and the current report for November. Balance end of November, $3,161.12.

OLD BUSINESS: Dianna reported we have four enlistees for the Christmas Forest. Water fountain still not installed. Copier and fax scanner are here and the copier is in use. Steve Ross was given the bid to paint, at a cost of $1495.00
Office chairs are on order Night hours in library: Pat Johnson is willing to cover front desk 6:30-8:30. Donna will do the computer work, three Thursdays a month. We will begin November 12 and plan on volunteers covering the unmanned dates. Margaret Scott reported on ATT fax service at a cost of $47.10 monthly. She will discuss plan with Lisa (Fiscal Court) for possible internet service. The front post has to be replaced. Dianna has spent $2513.26 on new books. We discussed the proposed internet policy and Dianna presented cards (agreement for internet policy compliance) for children and parents to sign.

NEW BUSINESS: There will be a benefit fot Judge Larry Whitaker at the Calhoun City County Building. Prices were established for faxes, copies, printouts and overdue books. They are as follows: Faxes - $1.00; Copies 20 cents; printouts 20 cents; and overdue books 5 cents each business day.

The following holidays will be observed by the library: Veterans' Day; Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Years' Day. A proposal to collect points for magazines for sales was denied.

We The People book grant: Theme: A More Perfect Union for Kindergarten (4-6). Dinah Hopper motioned to purchase, seconded by Margaret Scott. Old records and Golden Books will be sold on EBay for funds for the Library. Meeting adjourned 8:20pm
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary.

October 5, 2009

The Livermore Community Library Board met with 7 members present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and accepted. Treasurer's reports for August and September were given. September balance was $3,419.23.

A discussion of the KU utilities bill was held, with the question raised as to why the increase.

OLD BUSINESS: Internet service will be installed on October 19. We discussed policies in usage of computers, internet. It was the concensus that we meet and read different libraries', using them as a guide to compile our own. A needs list was created: water fountain (on hold,. due to illness.) Steve Ross is looking at outside repairs. Copier to be delivered Friday office chairs - ordered five chairs (Lisa will order these) She will also contact Mrs. Austin re window Tx. Margaret Scott will check with phone company (ATT re long distance service for Fax machine. Dianna reviewed the tentative plans for Christmas Forest. Theme to be "A Child's imagination". Trees for the forest cannot exceed 9 feet; sponsors must provide their own extension cords as well as decorations.

NEW BUSINESS: On Oct 2 we had two 1st grade classes tour the library. Activities were provided along with a story hour. Dianna bought $500.00 more in new books. It has been requested that we open the library to the public one night a week. Pat Johnson volunteered to help with it. Dianna will check on days and hours.

We will meet Wednesday 10/14/09 at 1pm for discussion and decision on computer policy. Mr McLaughlin gave copies (a file) of obituaries to the geneology dept of the library.
Meeting adjourned at 8:37pm.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

September 7,2009

The Livermore Community Library Board met with 11 members present, Dianna Hoover presiding. No minutes or treasurers' report given.

OLD BUSINESS: Mr McLaughlin's donation of information was declined due to controlling stipulations he wished to include. Judge Whitaker asked that we submit letters requesting Fiscal Court support of the library. He stated also, a new water fountain will be installed. A letter of congratulations for receipt of $150,000.00 federal funds from WCTC. We will send a card of thanks to Chad and Norma Owen for flower arrangements furnished at the reception.

NEW BUSINESS: Dianna bought $1500.00 in new books. List of new projects include: security and fire alarms. Replace back door on Hills Street Entrance; contact Leona Austin to replace window treatments for front windows, on first floor; and create muslin inserts for front windows on second floor, to filter sunlight on paintings. front entry way, (outside)-paint and repair, also repair or replace post. locks for front doors.
Meeting adjourned 8:20 pm
Dianna Hoover, chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary.

July 6, 2009

Dianna Hoover called the Library Board of Directors to order. The treasurer's report was distributed to the members. Judge Larry Whitaker will have the upstairs air conditioner checked out. The summer story hour ended July 9th. The volunteer experienced interest in starting a story hour this fall for ages 3-5 years, and have something for the mothers also.

Due to Jan Ables' absence, a sub will be needed for July 7th - 9th. Dianna Hoover volunteered.

Doris Turner expressed concern about the library being so dirty and money missing out of the metal box.

Doris Turner, Dinah Hopper and Dianna Hoover met with Wayne Onkst, State Librarian. Judge Larry Whitaker reported the furniture would be picked and hauled away in a day or two. The City approved attaching an antenna to the building for internet and service would be installed with a one year contract.

Judge also reported 4 computers had been ordered. He also budgeted $2500.00 for new books.

Meeting adjourned

Dianna Hoover,

June 1, 2009

The Livermore Community Library Board met with 11 members, 1 visitor present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and corrected. Margaret Scott gave a treasurer's balance of $4,510.26. Report accepted.

The water fountain has been removed.

New business: Jan Ables has too many hours and needs to have a volunteer to work for her.

Dinah Hopper will work with Caroline in the reading program.

A book and flower will be purchased in memory of Ruby Coin, who was a former library employee. Dinah reported there were forty 5th graders from Livermore Elementary School here to tour the facility .

It was suggested we hold a Lego building contest. Participants will bring completed project July 17. It will consist of 3 categories:elementary, Middle School, and High School. Margaret Scott, Eldon Eaton and George Rhodes will serve as judges. The prizes will be $3, $2, and $1. for first thru third places, respectively. Public viewing on July 18 from 10am til Noon.

Meeting adjourned.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

May 4, 20009

The Livermore Community Library Board met with 8 members, 1 visitor present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read, corrected. Treasurer's reports passed out by Margaret Scott. Judge Larry Whitaker and David Scott were
in attendance. Dianna read a card of thanks from Susan Dunman; also one from the McLean County Museum. We discussed the Flower Box property; - what to do. No actions taken on this matter

The computers we have do not work; Judge Whitaker will look at new ones.

The shelves need to be anchored to wall, ceiling or both to comply with State Certification.

The water fountain needs to be replaced or gotten ride of. Mary Underwood motioned to get rid of it; seconded by Eldon Eaton; carried. Dianna asked abour replacing the printer; Judge Whitaker stated he will look into this as well as securing the shelves. We need a bulletin board. This will be included in other office supplies/ equipment.

City of Livermore has a business directory listing in which we asked to be included. Motion to purchase Ohio County Obituary index, Seconded by Mary. Motion passed. Caroline Brown asked to do an hourly story for children. We will advertise for the above. An official roster of the National Guards of Livermore was donated to the library by Mr. Allen Price. We opted to place it in the art gallery . A book entitled: "The Ex-husbands of Madeline Di'Shea" was donated
to the library. Mary will send card of thanks. The UMW group of Livermore UMC requested to meet every Tuesday from 2-4pm to make prayer shawls. Request granted.
Meeting adjourned.

Dianna Hoover, chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

Correction: We discussed purchasing copier; not printer. MU

April 6 2009

The Livermore Library Board med with 9 members, 1 visitor present, Dianna Hoover, presiding. Susan Dunman visited and a mini-reception was given in her honor since she will not be assigned to this area. Minutes were read and accepted. CD holdings in the amount of $19,099.06 were re-invested for 13 months. Margaret Scott passed out the financial report with ending balance of $5,023.41 Report accepted.

OLD BUSINESS: Eldon gave report on the Flower Shop property, stating the asking price for entire lot and building is $27,000.00 Dianna spoke with Judge Whitaker by phone and learned we need to make some contribution on purchasing this property. The property was discussed with the decision to make an offer to the sellers
for an option to buy in 6 months to 1 year. George Rhodes motioned to purchase it, seconded by Carol; motion carried. Eldon will talk to attorney and sellers.

Sheila Heflin discuss a suggested list of requirements to be in the computer/internet agreement. No action taken.

Meeting adjourned.

Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

Correction: Eldon stated he was to talk only to the seller; not the attorney
re the purchase of property.

Mary Underwood, secretary

March 2, 2009

The Livermore Community Library Board met with 11 members present, plus 1 visitor. The meeting was called to order by Dianna Hoover, chairperson. Minutes from meeting on December and January were read and accepted.

Treasurers report read for January and February and accepted. Old business: A discussion on the re-investment of the CD or leave it in checking account. George Rhodes made motion to leave in checking acct. Dinah Hopper seconded, -motion carrier.

On roof repairs; The city has $1,000.00 adjustable and Judge Whitaker stated he would pay this. He stated also the cable will be called Connect-Grad. Flooding due to accumulated drainage was discussed.; The subject of purchasing the adjoining lot and pursue correction of the drainage. Purchase price (offer) of $5,000.00 for lot; was suggested
if the seller would take it.

Judge Whitaker stated more state funds coming available will allow us to purchase some small pieces of furniture for the library.

NEW BUSINESS: Anne Renfrow has asked to buy extra metal shelving. Mary Underwood made motion to let them have it for a donation to the library; Margaret Scott seconded. Motion carried.

A suggestion was made to use the donation for painting upstairs. Margaret asked if we would like an ad in McLean County Booklet this year. Sheila Heflin made the motion and Eldon Eaton seconded to place this ad. Motion carried

Susan Denman was visiting with us from KLB, and was most complimentary on the advances the library has made. she mentioned she is limited in her travels due to budget control and will visit in the future whenever possible.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

February 2009

Due to the ice storm there was no Board meeting .

The Livermore Community Library Board met January 5, 2009.

Margaret Scott presented the treasurer's report for November and December. No minutes, due to the absence of the secretary, Mary Underwood.

The Board decided to send duplicate Civil War books to the museum at Calhoun. The Board was informed about the new worker, Rose Hillard Francon. Dianna Hoover informed the Board that she had checked on the prices of a new vacuum cleaner. It would be $200.00; no action taken. Dianna Hoover and family donated a coffeemaker to the library. Doris Turner told the Board to watch for roof leaks. Sheila Heflin volunteered to bring a copy of internet rules from the Daviess County Public Library.

Dianna Hoover, acting sec.

December 1, 2008

The Livermore Community Library Executive Board of Directors met with 11 members present. Meeting called to order by Dianna Hoover, chairperson. Minutes of October and November meetings were read and accepted. Treasurers' report was received with balance of $430.19 . A discussion was held on what to do with bills, what funds to use. We were we would lose $75.00 for early use of CD funds. Judge Whitaker stated he could pay some of the construction-related bills. No further discussion re CD .

Pieces of furnitrure was selected to dispose of, mostly odd, damaged chairs. We discussed purchasing 6 computer chairs, using currently owned tables. We will ask the mayor to store some of the questionable items until a later date when we decide definitely not to use them.

Further plans for Open House to be held December 13, 2008 were finalised. Mary Underwood, Anne Strong and Helen Willis will furnish the punch. Livermore Woman's Club members will provide cookies. Advertising was done via 2 TV stations, 2 newspapers. Caleb Baldwin plans to have an art exhibit, along with the Open House.Meeting adjourned
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary.
Addendum: Dianna stated that the furnace needs servicing. Coy Riley will be notified to do the inspection, etc. MU

November 3, 2008

The Livermore Community Library Executive Board met with Dianna Hoover calling the meeting to order. There no minutes read from October meeting due to the absence of the secretary, Mary Underwood. Treasurer, Margaret Scott gave the treasurer's report.

During old business, the board discussed what services to provide and what furniture should remain in the library and what should be surplused. The Board also discussed what new furniture would need to be purchased. Susan Dunham will contact Chris Bischoff about furniture vendors.
The Board also identified the following needs:
a. smoke/ fire alarm
b. Security system
c. Paint outside doors
d. Paint interior wall of children's area and staircase wall
e. carpet cleaned
f. Windows cleaned

The Board set December 13 from 2-4pm for an open house event. The Livermore Womans Club will be asked to provide refreshments.
Meeting adjourned.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson

October 6, 2008

The Livermore Community Library Executive Board of Directors met with 9 members present. Meeting called to order by Dianna hoover. Minutes were read and accepted. Treasurers' report given, bal $808.69.

Old Business: Dianna presented a budget for the year of the library, not including salary for librarian. (proposed}. Dinah Hopper and Margaret Scott compiled this proposed budget. A discussion on salary was held with $25,000.00 to $35,000.00 being a range to consider. Judge Whitaker states our yearly outlay will run about $100,000.00 for basic services. A list of "selling points" was compiled to present to patrons re the library. We discussed upening date, tentatively to be Jan 2009, pending receiving operative funds obtained from the county via loan of $100,000.00.

Surplus Shelving: It was suggested that we sell the units at a price of $25.00 each. A question was raised about a parking lot. We are awaiting a call from Ms Gunterman re property in question. Eldon Eaton will call again and check with Wanda Humphrey privately. We plan on having book mark/indo handouts by November.
Meeting adjourned
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

September 15, 2008

The Livermore Community Executive Board met with 5 members , 1 visitor present. Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and accepted, and treasurers' report presented and accepted.

Old Business: Dianna Hoover announced the elevator is in operation. We discussed removal of unused shelving. No action taken, tabled til October meeting. Dianna presented Chris Bischoff with a broom from the Livermore Woman's Club, in appreciation for his assistance in our library development.
Meeting adjourned.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

August 4, 2008

The Livermore Community Library Board of Directors met with 10 members present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and accepted. Treasurers' report was distributed by the treasurer and motion to accept the report. A discussion on repairs to floor and dates set for the repairs to replace shelving and books after carpet laid. Saturday AM 8/9/08 was set to clean and replace the shelves. Judge Whitaker attended the meeting and discussed the overall project, the elevator is in place, awaiting inspection. The purchase of lot to allow for drainage is planned. Mr Whitaker will contact Realtor Katie Gunterman re this purchase. He also advised us to look over the standards with the idea of upgrading ours to an "Enhanced Library".

** Susan Dunham will be here Wednesday, August 5, at 9 am to discuss and show KDLA member what has been done.
We discussed plans to clean and move book shelving, book replacement Saturday August 9, 2008.
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson
Mary Underwood, Secretary

July 7, 2008

The Livermore Community Library Executive Board of Directors met with seven members present. Due to the absence of the secretary, Dianna Hoover read the minutes. The minutes were approved as read with the inclusion of Judge Larry Whitaker encouraging board members to provide outreach and promotion of benefits of the county supporting a public library. The treasurers report from May and June were distributed and approbed.

OLD BUSINESS: Dianna Hoover distributed the floor plans from Chris Bischoff, KDLA, State Library Construction Consultant. Judge Whitaker reported the purchase of the adjacent lot was still under question but it might need to be purchased for the drainage easement for the gutters. Dianna reminded every one to turn in their suggestions for what library services they felt were important for the county. Dinah Hopper reported the city paid for the library's insurance. The cost was $1900.00. The board was informed the elevator would be installed July 26.

NEW BUSINESS: Dianna asked members to look over the floor plans and make suggestions at the August meeting.
Meeting adjourned
Dianna Hoover, Chairperson

June 1, 2008
The Livermore Community Library Executive Board met with 11 members, 1 visitor present. The meeting was called to order by Dianna Hoover, Chairperson. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted.
Old Business: Elevator Certification was received. We discussed the use of grant money for roof coding renewal. It was ok'd. A new description of funds grant may be inclusive of this aspect of the project after June 30, 2008.
Computors: Judge Whitaker reported we still need to purchase four computers. All software will have antivirue, Spyware protection.
Book Disposal: Judge Whitaker, stated he could provide the dumpster for this purpose.
Picturing America: We recived grant for 20 pictures to be displayed in our library.
New Business: George Rhodes asked permission for Lions' Club meetings to be held
in one of the upstairs meeting rooms. Maru Underwood motioned this to be permitted;
Barbara Trimble seconded: passed.

May 5, 2008

The Community Library Board met with 11 members, 2 visitors present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted. Mr Chris Bischoff of State Library Department, met with us to plan shelving and placement
as well as Susan Dunman. He spoke to the board re placement of the childrens' section in the very front of the building, with geneology near the front. He recommended setting aside money for painting, to plan building to be ADA compliant. Sheila reported on her findings on the copy machine, Copy Star brand, $1,295.00 with toner cartridges at $79.95 ea.

Book moving: As this will need to be done for carpet laying, we discussed "farming" out this project in community and organizations. Item tabled, no action. Livermore High School pictures: Mary had not received information as yet re their removal.
Book disposal: Dinah reported two dumpsters full have been disposed of, The new portable phone has been purchased. Eldon reported renewal for Coding for roofing will keep current til 2011, with a cost of $4,000.00. We are to check if grant money can be used for this . Needs: Check on shades for front windows. Door on Hill Street side needs replacing. Doris suggested we plan a work day in the library. Wednesday was suggested. We welcomed new members: Betty Higgs, Barbara Rickard, Barbara Trimble, and Joyce Sutton. Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm

April 7, 2008

The Community Library Board met with 8 members and 1 visitor present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted. Treasurer's report distributed. Balance $2,745.74.

Old business: Mr Caraway met and listed carpentry work bids had been let. He listed items to be done:
(1) remove partitions in restrooms to create ADA facility.
(2) repair or replace back basement door.
(3) create hole, partition for elevator.
(1) Electrical: Replace existing lights;
(2) Install 5 high speed internet ports

Bid for downstairs only, as well as both levels had been bid on. Carpets Unlimited got the bid, ---lower level ---$8,023.00 Elevator: D C Elevators in Louisville, Ky got the bid for installing the lift, for $26,075.00 Carpentry - let to Mule Construction (owned by Harold Cundiff, Livermore) Dinah reported Mr Whitaker stated the City of Livermore would be refunded for the computer they bought earlier. Dinah reported, also the Baldwin family have opted to set the art show at a later date after renovations to the library were complete or near completion. We discussed replacing the copy machine . Sheila Fulkerson will check with Edge Business Machines re this item. Motion made and seconded to purchase new portable phone. passed. Motion made and seconded to place ad in McLean County Fair catalog. Passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.

March 3, 2008

The Community Library Board met with 9 members present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes of February meeting read and accepted. Treasurers report distributed by Margaret Scott, reporting balance of $2,915.33. Accepted.

Old business: Date for Baldwin Art Show set for April 20. Dianna ordered to book truck- expected delivery date in 2 weeks.

New Business: As a part of the ""We the People" program, a postorial program called "Picture America" is available to the library. These are through grants to apply for. They are two-sided prints, available from May to Fall, and deal with Art and History. Dianna has applied for this grant.

Dinah Hopper suggested we proceed with purchasing a computer with library software to more easily facilitate entering new books into the system. The city of Livermore will be asked to purchase this computer, and Dinah will follow up on it at City Council meeting.

Mr Caraway reported lighting and fire exits signs not working. These should be in working order within 30 days. A discussion of possible grant monies to apply for to progress on library work with George Rhodes advising of AT&T's willingness to help libraries; Also Schwan Foods was mentioned for fundraising. No action taken. Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

Feb 4, 2008

The Community Library Board met with 9 members and four visitors attending. Meeting called to order by Dianna Hoover. Minutes of previous meeting read and accepted with correction by Doris Turner. Treasurers' report was distributed. Balance $3,145.84.

Old Business: Doris Turner reporter she had two prints in the art gallery framed at a cost of $25.00
each. Dianna reported we have a new employee: Jessica Case, who is assisting in getting the card catalogue in order. She also introduced two "new" board members, George and Carol Rhodes. George and Carol have been strong supporters of the library, assisted in many ways, as patrons.

New Business: Diana submitted a request to purchase a "book truck". Motion made by Mary Underwood, and seconded by Dinah Hopper to purchase one. Motion passed. Judge Larry Whittaker introduced Don Wilson and Doug Carraway, and reported on their roles in developing countywide projects. With plans to conduct a "walk through" the building in a more thorough manner at a later date, they commented on the strengths of the existing building we had. Also attending was Matt Hayden, magistrate, of Beech Grove. He inquired on matters, regarding change of name of the library to something indicative of County wide, asked how he could sell his people on travelling the distance to use the library in Livermore. It was explained that many services would be available not requiring the travel to use the facilities.

A note was made as to how many books had been removed;as well as new books being processed by the three employees. Adjourned at 8:38 pm

January 7, 2008

The Community Library Board met with 6 members present, Dianna Hoover presiding. No minutes for December meeting. Treas report presented . $3,249.90, Balance. Mary requested the set of assorted music books presented to the library by Miss Hicks be donated to Debbie Howard, as she was interested in getting them. The Board unanimously
consented to give the 16 volume set to Debbie. VErnon Frashure has a collection of the 1940's Livermore High School yearbooks he would like to donate to the library. Mary is to send thank you note to Vernon for these items. Dianna suggested we ask Poole's Pharmacy to furnish magazines to the library. Board agreed.

New Business: New employee on staff: Renee Hillard has been employed. The library hours are now increased to 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday. Caleb Baldwin, a local middle school art student requested permission to have an art show in order to place his sketches and art on display. The Board will pursue this request. Adjourned at 7:35 pm. Dianna Hoover, Chairperson, Mary Underwood, Secretary

Correction: The library hours have been increased to 9-4:30. Doris stated Eldon requested
to have pictures in art gallery framed. Doris is to check on this with Hobby Lobby.

October 1, 2007

The Community Library Board met with 7 members present. Meeting called to order by Dianna Hoover. Minutes were read and accepted. Treasurers report read and presented. Balance $1335.88.

Old business: Dianna reported Eldon's findings on purchasing adjoining lot. Wanda Humphrey owns lot and would like to obtain a realtor for the transaction. Mr Whittaker stated if we bought the land with state funds we should get a state certified appraisal. He stated he will get the info re appraisal and value and contact us. Mr Whitaker also stated he had sent a letter to RBS re initiating the scope of wook as to condition of the building structure, wiring, etc, for public use. He plans to have answers from RBS at next meeting. Mr Boswell and/or Mr Gooch will also be invited to our next meeting. Adjourned at 8:10pm,

September 10, 2007

The Community Library Board met with 8 members, four visitors present, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes were read and accepted. Business was set aside for two architects to present their plans. The firms were, RBS of Owensboro
and DLZ of Frankfort, Ky. After their presentation, the Board along with Mr Whittaker, discussed the two offers. Motion made by Eldon, seconded by Jayne, to go with RBS. Motion carried.

Dianna presented a request to lower A/C to more comfortable temperature. It was pointed out to the board that an overgrowth of brush was interfering with proper function of the A/C. Steps will be taken to correct this problem. Margaret P:assed out treasurers report for July and August. Balance $1,562.97. Books are to be sold or discarded as weeding process progresses. Eldon was designated to contact Billie Hillard re possibly selling books on E-bay for a percentage of sales. He also will contact Wanda Humphrey re. purchase of adjoining lot, west of library, to be used for handicapped parking area. Mike motioned to adjourn.

August 6, 2007

The Community Library Board met with 6 members and three visitors present, Dianna Hoover, presiding. Minutes were read and accepted. Dianna announced the books from New Jersey Kiwanas have arrived. There are three hundred boxes of books to be unloaded and processed. The coach and MCHS Football team along with a couple of men in the community unloaded these for us. A donation of $100.00 was made to the team, and a card of thanks was sent to the helpers. Loretta Gross has resigned her position in the library, due to health problems. The new shortened hours are 10 am to 3 pm, with a lunch time closing from 11:30 to 12:30pm. Dianna received photos from New Jersey Kiwanas depicting the leaving of the books they donated, and they requested that we provide them with the receiving of the books ...

Mr Whitaker reported an architect is being secured to study our building and needs. Debby Spencer reported on her role in the web page development and community education/interaction and our rold in this aspect. No action taken. Margaret Scott distributed treasurer's report. Next board meeting is changed to September 10, 2007. Meeting adjourned.

July 2, 2007

The Livermore Community Library Board met with 9 members and 3 visitors present, Dianna Hoover, presiding. Susan Denham and Chris Bischoff, were here representing the State of Ky KDLA. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted. Financial report was distributed by Margaret Scott, treasurer. $2115.10 balance on hand.

New business. A discussion on weeding our book collection in the library, methods and depth-- with agreement that we should throw awal old reference books and badly worn books, keeping old history as well as classic books. Shela will provide with a copy of guidelines to Dianna. We will consider having paperback books in a replacement program, rather than processed to be checked out.

Mr Bischoff spoke regarding his role in our library project He recommended we hire professional architect to inspect the building, and recommending what to do re improvements for increasing technology; check on the strength of floor.

Judge Whitaker spoke as to the role the community will play in development and improvements. The HB380 library board commmittee will be appointed by Judge Whitaker at Fiscal court meeting in July. Dianna was appointed to represent the board on the committee.

Dianna announced that Loretta Gross is having to take shots for a week at a time (chemo) and needs to be off work.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm

June, 2007

After enjoying delicious refreshments, on June 4, 2007, the Livermore Community Library Board met with seven members, two visitors present. Dianna Hoover presided. Minutes from the previous meeting were read and accepted. Treasurer's report was distributed by Margaret Scott. Balance was $2,287.93 .

Old Business: Dianna Stated we had not heard re the books from New Jersey. We are in need of a "contact" list for Loretta to phone for subs in Dianna's two week absence. Jayne Johnson volunteered. Board members were presented a "Want list" and discussion was held. Judge Whitaker proposed an appointment of a working committee at the next Fiscal Court Meeting. The purpose is to further the HB 380, Project 380. He mentioned the MOA has been signed. We also discussed ways to penetrate the county in a positive manner. He asked that we present a "wish list" at our next regular meeting. Meeting scheduled for June 18 in which these will be made. Susan Denman offered to meet with two board members and Chris Bischoff for discussion on immediate specific needs. Motion made to subscribe to the McLean County News for library copy. Passed. Mary to pay first year's subscription. Discussion on the feasibility of also purchasing Louisville Courier Journal and Owensboro Messenger Inquirer with no action.

Motion to adjourn.

May 7, 2007

The Livermore Community Library met with 9 members a 2 visitors present. Chairperson, Dianna Hoover presiding. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Treasurers report presented. $2,443.25 balance reported.

Dianna thanked all workers who subbed for Loretta in the library during her illness. McLean County Judge Larry Whitaker handed out printout and spoke regarding State Library standards, certifications, requirements, budget, parking, ADA requirements, plans for an open informational discussion in the county.

"What do we do now?" Contact people to assess building as to strength, electrical components needed to carry internet, more computers. Make a list of wants. Susan offered to invite the construction personnel of KBLA to next month's meeting. Board members were challenged to design their want list and present it at the June meeting. Motion to dismiss. Adjourned at 8:20 pm.

April, 2007

The Livermore Community Library met with 9 members a 1 visitor, Ms. Susan Dunman. Meeting was called to order by Dianna Hoover. No minutes were read. Margaret Scott distributed the finance report. $2,542.92 balance in treasury.

Old Business: (1) Dianna reported Maor Jerry Zuehl notified Mr. Amos of Amos Construction to make necessary repairs to furnace.
New Business: Sheila Heflin reported on the numbers of McLean countians currently paying to use the Daviess County library. There are 740 card members. Margaret Scott compiled a report on utilities for 2005-2006 for the library. A comparison of librarian salaries in similar sized counties was reviewed.
Mike motioned to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8 pm. Diannna Hoover, Chariperson. Mary Underwood, Secretary.

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