An OHV Training Center for ATV's and Dirtbikes is under construction and will be opening Spring, 2007. Click here for more information.

Priority: Establish a Knott County ATV Trail Club, click here for information.
Economic Impact Studies and Reports
  • Hatfield & McCoy
  • The Knott County ATV Trail will take advantage of the growing ownership of ATV's. Nationwide, sales jumped from 436,000 to 797,000 units during a five-year period from 1998 to 2002. Kentucky ranks in the top fifteen states in terms of ATV sales with annual sales of over 20,000 units.
  • The Knott County ATV Trail has the potential to generate substantial economic impacts.
    • In Wisconsin, 62% of ATV's travel send at least one night away from home on their outings, staying in motels, campgrounds, cabins and with friends.
    • In Minnesota, 51% of ATV outings lasted two or more days.
    • These ATV'ers spend money at motels, campgrounds, grocery stores, restaurants and general retail and service outlets.
  • The Knott County ATV trail has a large regional market to draw on.
    • In Minnesota, 28% of ATV outings involved a trip of 50 to 100 miles; 33% involved a trip of more than 100 miles
    • For Knott County, the population within 50 iles is 472,000; the population within 100 miles is 2.6 million.
  • A well-conceived trail system will be very attractive to ATV'ers.
    • A Knott County location offers excellent regional access.
    • The trail will respond to key user needs; variety of scenery, maps and signage, connections to other ATV trails and riding areas, well maintained trails, access to fuel and a variety of technical challenges.
  • Anecdotally, the popularity of the ATV trails in Harlan County and of the Hatfield McCoy Trail in nearby West Virginia demonstrates to the potential of a ATV trail in Knott County.
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