Construction Has Begun on the Training Facility!
Follow the progress, click here for photos directly from the site!
ATV/Dirtbike Training Facility & Skills Test Area. (Click on plan above for larger version)
Training Office/Equipment Garage

The second phase will also begin looking at the economic impact the trails initiative will have on the area and produce an information documentary on the vision of Knott County to establish a countywide Adventure Tourism Park System as a means to bring new dollars into the county.

Knott County is planning to develop an Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Training Center similar to the Honda Training Center in Alpharetta Georgia (see plans above). The proposed center's strategic location will be in the center of the proposed sKYward Trails Initiative. The center will be located two miles off Hwy 80 and within 30 minutes of two major ATV dealerships, makeing it an ideal location.
The Honda Dealership in Hazard, Kentucky is one of two located within 30 miles of the proposed site which makes it the ideal location for a training certification center. These two dealerships sell more ATV's than anywhere else in Kentucky.

*A certificate of training will be awarded to all who complete the training courses and may assist in helping to lower liability and insurance costs for the rider as well as those who own the property in which of the trails are located.

The area to be developed will be located on 600 acres provided by the Sutton heirs property and will be dedicated specifically for the purpose of teaching safe driving habits, responsible riding and strong appreciation and protection of nature. Both a training facility and training trails will be developed to educate individuals and provide rider safety/skill certification. Preliminary conversations have been held with Honda Rider Training officials on how best to set up a training facility and certification program.
Additional trails will be developed throughout the Sutton property that will provide an opportunity for riders to obtain actual experience on beginners, intermediate and experienced trails providing them experience in a variety of terrains and specific situations. The training center, as well as a storage facility for equipment and training vehicles, will be built on the property and have personnel living on-site in an efficiency type cabin providing both instruction and security.
The training facility is specifically designed for safety training for all ATV users in a variety of environments, paths and surfaces. Knott County Judge Executive and the team working on this initiative met with Dave Edwards with the AHM Education and Environment Department in Colton, California and manager of Honda's four Rider Education Centers in the U.S. They have also met Don Wilson, admininistrator of the Honda Rider Training Center (RTC) and visited the Honda Training facility in Alpharetta Georgia. Both Honda representatives agree that a certification training facility is needed in Kentucky, not just for Kentuckians but all ATV riders in the surrounding states as well.
Development of the trail network will begin near the old Beckham Combs School, on property owned by the Sutton family. The family has come forward and offered to donate 10 acres of land to the county for development of OHV training center and they have offered easements across their lands for trail development

From that beginning point, the ATV/Dirtbike/Motorcycles Trail Network can be expanded westward onto property owned by the Appalachian Realty Company. With their cooperation, approximately 12,000 acres could be available for trail development in Knott County. There is also the possiblity of expanding trails into Breathitt County from there. This area is identified as the Cyprus Trail area.

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