Inez River Walking Trail
Off Hwy 908 in downtown Inez. Includes a large shelter and goes under two bridges.
Promise Trail
Off Hwy 908 in downtown Inez. Park at the community center and walk up the hill. Includes a small church style gazebo, bible verses along the trail and an altar at the top. The walk is just over 1 mile. The trail has a beautiful story behind its creation that is now available on video (Roy F. Collier Community Center).
Warfield Walking Trail
Off Hwy 2033, is located at the Warfield Riverfront Park. Also offers a boat ramp, picnic tables and a beautiful view of the historic Warfield Railroad Bridge.
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Pigeon Roost
Near Hwy 1714. Also offers a shelter/outdoor stage and a 20 x 30 Community Center (opening soon)
At the fork of Stafford and Rockcastle Creeks near Hwy 40 and 1224. Also includes both a shelter and port-a-john.
off of Hwy 3 along Rockcastle Creek. Includes a playground, shelter and 1/2 mile walking trail.
Martin County's newest walking trail is the Kingfisher Branch Trail. It is a 1 mile loop of which a portion overlaps the Promise Trail. One parks at Roy R. Collier Community Center and then follows the trail next to the tennis courts and across a small bridge. The route is challenging, going up a steep grade with work-out activity centers being added along the way and a few benches for those who need to catch their breath or ponder the beauty of the area. At the top, they are adding two historic buildings (a log home and old school house church). A creek flows in the spring along side the lower portion of the trail with a small waterfall about halfway up. (more . . . )
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