Both Highway 3 and Highway 645 travel through Martin County. Both have 8 to 10' shoulders making them ideal for bicyclists with breathtaking views of fall foliage.

Be sure to check out the two petrified trees imbedded in the wall of rock on the west side of Hwy 645 across from the intersection of Hwy 645 and Hwy 3. (right)

An excellent place to start or end one's bike ride is at Dewey Lake and Jenny Wiley State Resort Park both located on
Hwy 302.
View of Highway 645, note the wide shoulders.
Bicyclists take 302 off Highway 3 to get to Dewey Lake and Jenny Wiley State Resort Park.
A view of the wide shoulders along Highway 3. Do take a side trip at the turnoff to the airport where bicyclists will find an excellent elk viewing site adn the Cloud 9 restaurant.
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