Martin County Historical Society - Inez
Dedicated to the preservation and publication of historical information. Various on-line and hard copy records to assist with genealogical research. (606) 298-3511
Martin County Public Library Genealogy Section - Inez
Library has historical information which has been donated by families, as well as census records, county records, photographs, local newspapers on microfilm. Computers and copy machine available. (606) 298-7766
Roy F. Collier Community Center - Inez
Community Center is located in downtown Inez. Houses a section called "The History of Coal Mining." Also home to Main Street Cinemas, Fitness Center, Country Store, air-controlled walking track, ineractive arcade, McDonalds Play Place, volleyball equipment and full court gym. State of the art video conferencing room and two multi-purpose rooms where community groups, families, or businesses can meet. (606) 298-7870.
Himler House - Beauty (#91001667)
Historic home built by Martin Himler in 1919. Himler was an immigrant and the owner of Himler Coal Company. Private home. Only viewable from the street. Intersection of Hwy 40 and Hwy 2031. (606) 298-2800.
Martin Courthouse - Inez
Built from 1938-41 with the help of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal/Work Progress Administration Program. Stones from nearby mountains were used for the structure and local forests provided the lumber for the building's ornate woodwork. The courthouse is on the National Register of Historic Places since 9/06.
(606) 298-2800
Warfield Railroad Bridge - Warfield
Built in the early 1900s by the Himler Coal Company, this railroad bridge spans the Tug River. Believed that the construction of the bridge led to the fall of the Himler Coal Company. (606) 395-6423
Paul Johnson House - Warfield
Constructed in the early 1800s by Colonel W.W. Barrett. This historic home has been maintained in near-original condition. Ruth Johnson is the current owner and the house has been in the family since her great-grandparents. Viewed from the street only. (606) 298-2800.
Historical Marker 729
Location: Inez, Courthouse Lawn, KY 3, 40
Description: James Ward (Pioneer Ward) born in Virginia, 1758. Settled on Rockcastle Creek, three miles south of here, where he lived 50 years and died. 1848. Private, Virginia regiments, War of the Revolution, 1775-76. Came to Kentucky, 1779. With the Clark expedition against Indians, Chillicothe and Piqua, Ohio, 1780. In battles of Bryan Station, and Blue Licks, 1782. (other side) Educator Ward - William B. Ward, 1877-1952. Buried in Saltwell Cemetery. Known as educator, author and leader in the field of education, 50 years. Principal in schools of eastern and northern Kentucky; head of the Old Sandy Valley Seminary at Paintsville. Author Outline of U.S. History; publisher the Mountain Journal and the New Day. Descended from Pioneer Ward.
Historical Marker 814
Location: Inez, Courthouse Lawn, KY 3, 40
Henry L. Clay, distinguished native who taught in both Martin County and Williamson, WV. Ordained into the Methodist Ministry, serving 33 years in WV Dist. Supt. in Ashland, Charleston and Huntington. On committee that formed the Methodist Church, 1939, uniting the Northern, Southern and Protestant Methodists. Rev. Clay was born in Inez 1875, died Florida 1964.
Historical Marker 1316
Location: Inez, Courthouse Lawn, KY 3, 40
Description: Noted local attorney, William McCoy, Sr. Born at Pleasant, 1873. Read law, was admitted to bar in 1896. Martin County attorney, 1906-1914. Considered an expert on old land patents and deeds of eastern Ky. Interest in education led to appointment by Gov. Flem Sampson as a commissioner on first State Textbook Commission, 1928. Promoted education as great hope for county. Died, 1950. (See other side.) Lewis Dempsey - Financier and developer of this region. He was born in 1852, near Warfield. Founded Inez Deposit Bank and served as its president for 33 years. Owned vast coal and timber lands which he kept for the county's future development. Often loaned money to promising young people for education and helped start many in business. He died here in 1937.

Historical Marker 922
Location: 10 mi. S. of Lovely, Pigeon Roost Valley Rd.
Description: Moses Stepp, Colorful frontiersman. An ancient headstone at grave shows he was born 1735, died 1855. Enlisted for three short periods in Revolution and fought Indians and Tories in west Carolinas and east Tennessee. Legend tells that he was captured by the Cherokees and tortured by nailing his ears to a tree. He tore loose and escaped. Came to this area, 1826, for rest of life.

Historical Marker 726
A Warfield Skirmish
Location: Warfield, KY 40, 971
Description: A plundering, burning, Confederate detached force, under command of Col. V. A. Witcher, harassed east Kentucky and West Virginia during most of the Civil War. In fall, 1864, they took horses and cattle in this area from friend and foe. While Witcher's men made barbecue, Home Guards from Louisa attacked from hill to west. After exchange of fire, both withdrew. See over. (Reverse) Warfield - First Martin County seat, 1870. Established about 1850 as a coal, salt and lumber community by George Rogers Clark Floyd and John Warfield of Va. mountains. Products shipped by river boats to Catlettsburg. Floyd was son of one Governor of Virginia, brother of another. Coal mines used thru Civil War as hiding place against marauding by enemy.
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There is also an Indian burial ground near Coldwater and Preece's Cemetery nearby have both Civil War and VVII veterans buried here.
Coal Camp Store in Himlerville.
One of the older buildings in downtown Inez.

Next door was the popular Village Restaurant, now home to Stayton Law Office and apartments.

Another older building in downtown Inez. Now home to Pink Dogwood Florists. (Built in 1936, see right)
United Methodist Church
Warfield, KY
Former bank for Himler Coal Company in Himlerville (now known as Beauty).
Historic home on the outskirts of Warfield.
Historic factory on the outskirts of Warfield.
War Memorial in Warfield
HISTORICAL PHOTOS (photos were provided by Martin County, Kentucky: A pictorial history. Thanks to the Martin County Historical and Genealogical Society, Inez, KY and the Turner Publishing Company, Paducah, KY. Many wonderful photos are preserved in this publication. This book, video and other items may be ordered by writing to: MCHGS, P.O. Box 501, Inez, KY 41224 or stop by the Inez Bank and see Fay Hall.
1905 Presbyterian Church & School
Main Street, Inez, KY

1950s Downtown Inez Main Street (right)

First Courthouse of Martin County, originally a barn
Third Courthouse, destroyed in 1939
Palace Hotel, Inez, KY, 1900
Inez Jail, 1900s
Typical school building around 1900
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