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Hwy 68-80
Paducah to Maysville
Hwy 31W-31E
Louisville to Nashville
Hwy 51 (6 State Initiative)
Louisiana to Wisconsin



Traveling west on Hwy 56 one goes past Lee K. Nelson Wildlife Center).
A - On the left is the Higginson-Henry WMA approx. 5 mk.
B - MORGANFIELD. (County Seat)
Union County Courthouse and historic markers
C - Take Hwy 60 East
Sidetrip: West on Hwy 60 takes one to STURGIS. Home of the Little Sturgis Motorcycle Rally each year.
D - Watch for signs for Hwy 60 Bypass
Worthwhile side trip to the James D. Veatch Camp Breckinridge Museum and Arts Center
Get back on Hwy 60 East.
E - Breckinridge Job Corps Training Center on the right
F - Cross under Peabody Coal Beltline
1 Mile down Hwy 60, turn left onto Hwy 141.
G - Baird's Exotic Animal Farm on the right
H - St. Vincent Academy Girls School founded in 1820 and in operation until 1967 is located on the left.
I - St. Vincent Cemetery where Revoluntary War soldiers are buried.
Turn right at the cemetery.
J -Log cabin home converted into a Bed and Breakfast Inn.
The right again onto 1180 back to Hwy 60.
Follow Hwy 60 to Henderson.

As one travels into Henderson County, one goes through the community of:
L - CORYDON, pop. 874, and continues north to HENDERSON (County Seat).
M - Turn left onto 1st Street which takes one into Historic Downtown HENDERSON.
- Turn left onto Elm Street.
00 Block - East Side - Oldest African American Church
West Side - Central Park/City Building
100 Block - East/West Side - Historic homes
200 Block - East Side - Lazarus Powell Home
West Side - Norment Home
- Turn right onto Clay Street.
- Right onto Main Street.
200 Block - West Side - W.C. Handy home
East Side - Mary Toules Sasen House
100 Block - West Side - Carnegie Library
East Side - Church
000 Block - West Side - Judicial Building
East Side - Courthouse, Central Park (oldest park west of the Alleghanies); might want to drive by historic Omens Seminary (400 block).
- Left onto 1st Street.
Audubon bronze sculpture at Post Office
- Right onto Water Street
Audubon Mill Park, Amphitheater, Sunset Park, Railroad Ridge and Playground.
- Left onto Main Street, turn right on 12th and back to Hwy 60E to
Other Sites to see while in HENDERSON:
- John James Audubon State Park and Museum
- Ellis Park Race Track
- Henderson Fine Arts Center

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