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Edmonton is one of several communities that make up Metcalfe County. Founded by Edmund Rogers, surveyor and the first cousin of General George Rogers Clark. The courthouse and stone jail were built in the mid-1800s. The city lies at the junction of US 68, KY 80, and KY 163 on the Little Barren River. Take a note from the past - stop, rest and have a look around, you'll like what you see.

Michael's Homestead
5235 Glasgow Road
Edmonton, KY 42129
(270) 432-2575

Cave Ridge Woodcrafts
4245 Glasgow Road
Edmonton, KY 42129
(270) 432-4069

Sandra's Antiques
101 E. Main Street
Edmonton, KY 42129
(270) 432-4423

106 Skyline Drive
Edmonton, KY 42129
(270) 432-5021

Jim's Place
2579 Greensburg Road
Edmonton, KY 42129

Parnell's Trading Post
2727 Columbia Road
Edmonton, KY 42129
(270) 432-2666

Hours: Open by appointment or chance
Description: All types of Glassware, odds and ends, furniture. Sample: green, blue, pink, carnival, gold, milk glass, red, glass chimney for old lamps, cookware, old china, avon bottles, knick-knacks, and figurenes.

Rush's Lamp and Antique Shop
301 South Main Street
Edmonton, KY 42129
(270) 432-2666

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