Art and Reba Stead felt that there were many interesting places within the Commonwealth of Kentucky to see. So, instead of traveling elsewhere to vacation, the Steads' decided to spend their vacation exploring Kentucky and visiting all 120 counties. While they were on the road the Stead's began to see all the unique and varied architecture that was offered by so many of our courthouses and realized that these types of building were fast disappearing.

The Steads felt that by photographing every one of the 120 county courthouses they were giving us a visual record upon which this website is based. Our appreciation to the Steads for their generosity in providing us with the photos used on the website.

The Staff at WMTH Corporation was also fortunate in having Mr. William Scott allow us to use the information about the courthouses from his book, Kentucky Courthouses. All of the counties were contacted and many sent in additional information now available on the website.

Upon notification that the Courthouse website was viewable, Mr. Stead emailed the webmaster of WMTH Corporation.

"Dearest Judy - What a pleasant surprise!!! We just figured that research took a long time or money was in short supply. I actually emailed people before I checked it out. Now, that I have, it is beyond anything I would have imagined! . . . I will be sure to pass around the website to a lot of people and hope it brings tourism to Kentucky. Thank you very much for putting these photographs and histories (which took a long time on your part) into a website where people can use it for education."
- Art Stead

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