The Kentucky portion of this national trail is more than 600 miles long. It runs west to east from Crittenden County at the Ohio River to Pike County in mountainous eastern Kentucky.
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Along the way:
Starting in the west in Crittenden County and traveling east, one travels through gently rolling rural countryside. Be sure and keep a look out for the roadside produce stands of the Amish.
Continuing east, the route goes through McLean County. McLean has several other bike routes such as Bulldog Beast Trek to the Bluejay Flight Trek. Beautiful scenic landscape can be found here. Don't miss out on the development of Myer Creek Park in Calhoun. Archery, horseback riding and much more can be found here. Click here for more on McLean County.
Rough River State Resort Park has some beautiful scenery for your ride. This is a good stop for a meal or an overnight stay.
The next part of the trip continues east through Hodgenville, Bardstown, Springfield to Harrodsburg.
The Harrodsburg area is very rich in historical attractions such as Old Fort Harrod. Located close by is the Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill. Tour, dine and overnight here in the original buildings.
Berea is the Crafts Capital of Kentucky. See working studios of a variety of craftspeople. One of which is Churchill Weavers. Visit historic Boone Tavern for a memorable meal.
Continuing east, you will ride your way through the scenic Daniel Boone National Forest. Just north is the awe-inspiring Red River Gorge. The Gorge is a wild landscape of unusual vegetation and more than 80 natural arches sculpted by wind and water. Natural Bridge State Resort Park is located nearby.
In Booneville, visit Pioneer Village, an original 1874 farm and Morris Fork Crafts. Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park is tucked away in the mountains. Hindman is home to the Hindman Settlement School. Knott County is considered the "Elk Capital of the East" with thousands of elk roaming freely. Keep your eyes and ears open especially in the spring and fall. Carr Creek Lake is nearby.
The last part of the tour takes one through the challenging Cumberland Plateau of the Appalachian Mountains ending at the Breaks Interstate Park located on the Kentucky/Virginia border. The magnificant gorge located here is inspiring.
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