The Mississippi River Trail is a seven state bike route that offers over 1000 miles of bicycling adventure.

Length: Approx. 65 miles.

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Along the way:

Begins in Wickliffe and travels hwy 51 to hwy 1203 to hwy 123 to hwy 239 to hwy 94 to the tennessee border. First few miles has several narrow bridges with fairly heavy traffic. The rest is flat to gently rolling country roads with light traffic. Most of the route is along a designated Kentucky Scenic Byway. Begin at Wickliffe on Hwy 51. Wickliffe contains a motel, restaurants, groceries, convenience store and visitors can camp in the city park with permission.
On Hwy 1203 you will enter the town of Columbus. While there a visit to Columbus-Belmont State Park is a must. Campgrounds can be found here along with a snack bar in the summer. Beautiful scenic views along with historical information about the Civil War.
Take Hwy 123 to Hwy 94 where you will travel through the town of Cayce (Casey Jones spent his boyhood days in the small town of Cayce, Kentucky. It is from this little town that the railroad engineer received his famous nickname, Casey.)
Watch carefully for the Henson Broom Shop & Museum, maker of handmade brooms.
Hickman is an old river town. You might want to consider an alternate route of riding on the Mississippi River levee to the town of Tiptonville, TN (approx. 20 miles) but need to inquire about levee and road conditions.
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