At the turn of the century, the railroads had spread across the nation . . . The iron rails, which laid across the land, connected people separated by great distances and led the nation to a great prosperity.

Railroad Topics

Museums & Attractions

Big South Fork Scenic Railway
Caldwell County Railroad Museum
Casey Jones Village
Hardin Southern Railroad
Kentucky Railway Museum
My Old Kentucky Dinner Train
Paducah Railroad Museum
Tennessee Valley Railroad

As they moved both south and west, the railroads made their way into Kentucky and Tennessee and left behind their legacy. Both states have a dramatic rail history and rich heritage all their own. The landscape is dotted with remnants of a time past but not forgotten.

The Great Rail Trail
Great Rail Rail Map

Experience the heritage, legend, and grandeur of the railroad. Enjoy historic depots housing museums and recalling yesteryear. Indulge in wonderful food and exquisite scenery aboard an elegant dinner train. Relive history with museums dedicated to the railroads and rounders. Journey aboard operating trains which take you back a century to a time when the rails ruled. Explore lovely authentic trains and cabooses on display. Visit historic sites and allow your imagination to transport you back through time as you see, hear, and feel the magic of the rails.

While exploring the historic and charming railroad sites through Kentucky and Tennessee, travel along the Casey Jones Railroad Trail. The trail covers the primary areas associated with the famous engineer who sacrificed his life to protect his passengers in a train wreck in 1900. In addition, join in the year-long 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Casey Jones Legend at the historic Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum in Jackson, Tennessee.

Kentucky Attractions

Tennessee Attractions

1. Ashland Depot

1. Tennessee Valley Railroad

2. My Old Kentucky Dinner Train

2. Chattanooga Choo-Choo

3. Carlisle Passenger Depot

3. Memphis Transportation Museum

4. Railway Exposition Museum

4. Mid-South Live Steamers

5. Danville Model Train Museum

5. Cookeville Depot Museum

6. Elkhorn City Railroad Museum

6. Cowan Railroad Museum

7. Southern Railroad Depot

7. Erin Railroad Park

8. Fordsville Depot Museum

8. Etowah Railroad Museum

8A. L&N Railroad Passenger Station

9. Historic Casey Jones Home & Railroad Museum

9. The Depot Restaurant

10. NC & St. L Depot & Museum

10. Whistle Stop Restaurant

11. Southern Appalachia Railway Museum

11. Depot & Pedestrian Bridge

12. Old Smokey Railway Museum

12. Hardin Southern Railroad - CLOSED

13. Lookout Mountain Incline Railway

13. Union Station

14. Lynnville Railroad Museum

14. David A. Zegeer Coal-Railroad Museum

15. Tennessee Central Railway

15. KY Central Railway

16. Centennial Park

16. Morehead Depot

17. Newburn Depot & Railroad Museum

17. KY Railway Museum

18. Oliver Springs Historic Depot

18. Paducah Railroad Museum

19. Rogersville Depot Museum

19. Steam Locomotive No. 1518

20. The Walking Horse & Eastern Railroad

20. Russell CSX Depot

21. Thompson's Station Depot

21. Depot Railroad Museum

22. Little River Railroad & Lumber

22. Big South Fork Scenic Railway

23. Wartrace Whistle Stop

23. Vanceburg Depot Museum

24. The Chop House

24. Nostalgia Station

NEW: Three Rivers Rambler
Knoxville, Tennessee (865) 524-9411

25. Bluegrass Scenic Railroad

NEW: Cowan Railroad Museum
Cowan, TN (931) 967-3078

26. Caldwell County Railroad Museum & Caboose

Other related attractions--Trolleys

Static trolley exhibit:
Behringer-Crawford Museum
Devoe Park, Covington KY

Operating trolleys:
Chattanooga Choo Choo Complex
Chattanooga TN

Memphis Street Car Line
Downtown Memphis TN

Mud Island Monorail
Downtown Memphis TN

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