Marketing Plan for Adventure Tourism in Knott County (continued)

For the complete Knott County Marketing Plan in Adobe PDF format, click here.


An inventory of all tourism offerings currently available in Knott County was compiled making special note of those offerings that were more “adventure tourism” in nature.   This included, but was not limited to, elk and wildlife viewing opportunities, bike routes, ATV and dirt bike trails, motorcycle routes, hiking opportunities, and campgrounds.   A preliminary website was set up immediately in order to feature all attractions and offerings and to make sure nothing had been overlooked.  


Horseback Riding
Elk & Wildlife Viewing
Skate & Bike Park
Dirtbike & ATV Trails

It was determined that the county had much to offer but limited marketing materials in which to showcase all of it.  It was also decided that working together to develop more all inclusive marketing materials rather than focusing on developing marketing materials for each individual offering would initially be more cost effective considering the limited funding the Commission had available to them.  

Recommendations included developing:

  • An extensive website featuring the many adventure tourism offerings within the county,
  • A brochure focused on the tourism-based businesses in the county,
  • A web-based calendar of events to keep track of all the happenings throughout the county,
  • A second, more informational brochure on the many adventure-tourism offerings in Knott County,
  • A location within the county where visitors could obtain both maps and brochures after hours.  

Over the next four months, the following was accomplished and are included in the appendices of this document.

  • An extensive website developed featuring the many adventure tourism offerings currently available in Knott County and auxiliary businesses of interest to the traveling public that might encourage them to stay longer in the area (See Appendix A: Website)
  • A four-color brochure designed and printed featuring the adventure tourism offerings in the county along with dining, shopping and lodging opportunities and maps of the county and the region. (See Appendix B: Ad Brochure)

NOTE:   The cost for printing was paid for by selling ad space in the brochure.   30,000 brochures were printed.

  • A web-based calendar of events program was purchased and customized to complement the adventure tourism website.   (See Appendix C: Web Calendar)
  • A second, more informational brochure was developed during the months of September and October to be a companion marketing piece to both the website and ad brochure.  The publication will be printed when funds become available.  (See Appendix D:  Adventure Tourism Brochure)
  • A county-wide adventure tourism signage plan for Knott County following the MUTCD guidelines of the Department of Transportation for supplementary signage.   The plan was submitted in its entirety to the Cabinet for Tourism, Arts and Heritage who are now working with the Department of Transportation through the Tourism/Transportation Interagency to obtain authorization for Knott County to serve as the pilot for Adventure Tourism signage.  (See Appendix E:  Signage Plan)

During this five month period, press releases, newsletters and brochures were also developed to help market specific adventure tourism offerings within the county such as horseback riding, ATV and/or elk viewing.  (See Appendix F: Other Marketing Pieces).   An extensive mailing list of media sources and past participants in the above activities was compiled. 

A thorough search on the internet was also conducted during this time to compile contact information on businesses, clubs and organizations within a four-state area with interest in those particular activities or events.  Specific publications were then direct mailed and/or e-mailed to media lists and extensive mailing lists to entice and encourage increased visits to the area.

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