Agritourism in Kentucky

Shirley Sheperson
Forkland Community Center
16479 Forkland Road
Gravel Switch, KY 40328
(859) 332-7146 | (859) 332-7839

October 10-11, 2003

Come spend some time at the Forkland Festival and we'll show you our heritage.

Craftsman at work: spinning, weaving, woodworking and much more.

Relax and listen to country music and don't miss out on traditional country food like the pancake and sausage breakfast or the Bean Supper.

Hayrides, Sorghum Made, Harvest Booth, Grapevine Baskets, Kentucky Made Products sold, Fox and Hound Run, Forkland Community Photo Contest


Boyle County - Gravel Switch at the Forkland Community Center
Would like to do more events by appointment.